What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018?

Jazzy Morgan

By Jazzy Morgan

December 31, 2017

As we look forward to the New Year, here at QuintEvents we are thinking about things we’d like to see, do, or change to better ourselves and our business. Some look at New Years resolutions as something they’d like to change about themselves, others look at it as something they’d like to experience.

With that being said, we asked some of our employees what they’re resolutions for the New Year are:

Brian R. (Presidents of QuintEvents): To laugh more and stress less

Darragh F. (Senior Marketing Coordinator): To be the best dad I can be to my new born baby girl.

Will K. (Systems Administrator): To volunteer in my community more.

Loren H.O. (Event Sales Specialist): To listen to my Fitbit notifications when they tell me I need to move around.

Ryan C. (Digital Advertising Coordinator): To pick one word and implement it in my daily life and see how far that takes me. My word: Persevere

Tyler S. (Event Sales Specialist): To create an investment and retirement plan.

Alex H. (Event Coordinator): To cook my meals at least once a week.

Victoria B. (Senior Marketing Coordinator): To plan a successful wedding and have a happy marriage.

Sam K. (Graphic Designer): To buy a townhome or condo.

Collin B. (Global Sales Agent Manager): In 2017 I ran my first race and in 2018 I would like to better my time.

Brian H. (Operations Intern): To try something new every week.

Mark R. (Graphic Designer): To learn survival Japanese.

Keith B. (President of QuintEvents International): To lower my golf handicap by at least one stroke

Drake O. (Event Sales Specialist): To live a happy and healthy 2018.

Vicky G. (Event Coordinator): To drink more water.

Michael M. (Event Sales Specialist): To clean up my language around my infant daughter who is learning how to speak.

Brad P. (Creative Manager): To sell more of my photographs.

Scott P. (Software Developer): To read more non-fiction books.

Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions with QuintEvents

Join us in 2018 for an array of events and to create memories you can’t put a price tag on. QuintEvents goes beyond tickets with an experience unlike any other. We’ll see you in 2018!


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