Your Beginner's Guide to Attending a MotoGP Grand Prix

Rory Harris

By Rory Harris

March 27, 2015

There is nothing quite like a MotoGP™ race. Between the thrilling grand prix action, the motorcycles, the blend of fans from around the world, and the stylish feel of the events, it is definitely something you want to check off your bucket list! 

_S1D2200The 2015 MotoGP™ season is already underway, but with over 18 races left this season, there are plenty of chances for you to attend! The season travels all across the globe, making attending a race the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway, as well.

While the size of the crowds and cities of the various races can be intimidating, fear not, because Moto Experiences’ Official Ticket Packages to the MotoGP VIP Village™ will make your MotoGP™ weekend getaway run smoothly.

As a #MotoVIP, you will receive access to the chic and all-inclusive MotoGP VIP Village™ hospitality venue located right above the Pit Lane, complete with gourmet eats and open beer and wine options!

In addition, you will get behind-the-scenes access to the inner world of the MotoGP VIP Village™, with the chance to attend Pit Lane Walks and tours of the starting grid.

For tips on how to better navigate the worldwide grands prix, here is our Beginner's Guide on attending MotoGP™ races:

Catalunya3Plan Ahead

The best way to attend a grand prix is to plan ahead. When it comes to traveling outside your country, there is a lot to do. You have to get or renew your passport, book airfare or train transport, secure hotel accommodations, and more. The sooner you plan, the cheaper any travel arrangements you will need to book will be and the more you can relax knowing it's already taken care of. 

Go with a Group

The more the merrier, right? The more people you get on board to attend one of these popular races, the more fun you are sure to have! Plus, it is not only safer to travel with others, but cheaper. You'll not only have friends to explore your new destination with, but you can share hotel costs and cab fees.

Gourmet_Lunch_4-1Make It All-Inclusive 

Making your experience at one of the MotoGP™  grands prix across the world all-inclusive will save you the hassles of booking everything a la carte and will make your weekend getaway more enjoyable! As a #MotoVIP package holder, you will have access to the on-site hospitality venue, the MotoGP VIP Village™, where you will get to munch on gourmet fare and sip from the complimentary coffee and cocktail bar. You will be making the most of experience with chances to get behind-the-scenes and meet riders! 

Since everything is included, you'll be saving money by not having to purchase everything separately through concessions.

Opt for Accommodations

Finding and booking hotel rooms, especially in a foreign city, can be incredibly difficult and nerve-racking... we're talking about dealing with different languages and different currencies here, and who know which hotels are in the best area of town?  

Let Moto Experiences do the work for you! At any of the locations on the 2015 MotoGP™ calendar, you can opt to add accommodations at some of the finest nearby hotels to your experience. Package holders can even opt to receive transportation to and from their hotels for all of the weekend festivities!

Travel the World with MotoGP™!

The 2015 MotoGP™ season is already underway! Whether you are wanting to have a getaway in Australia or Spain, there are 18 more race locations left to attend!

_S1D3353These popular races bring in professionals and celebrities from around the world, making a grand prix one big party!

You can easily follow these tips and make the most out of your weekend getaway to attend a MotoGP™ grand prix with Moto Experiences’ Official Ticket Packages. To become a #MotoVIP, visit Moto Experiences' website by clicking the button below or call 866-242-3615 to speak to a representative.

You can keep up with the MotoGP™ conversation and stay updated on all of the grands prix by following the hashtag #MotoVIP on social media!


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