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Matt Cullen

matt cullen quintevents

Matt Cullen is originally from Chapel Hill, NC. He studied Marketing and Professional Golf Management at Florida State University and received his MBA in Sports Marketing and Management from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In his spare time he enjoys playing golf, attending sporting events, and is an avid Florida State football fan. Matt and his wife Carlie were recently blessed with their first son, Carson.

Victoria Barnett

victoria barnett quintevents

Victoria Barnett is originally from High Point, NC. She received her B.A. in Communication Studies and minors in Business and Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In her spare time, Victoria enjoys watching baseball, baking and fishing. Her favorite place to travel is anywhere in Florida, especially the Florida Keys.

Jaime Villegas

Jaime cropped

Jaime Villegas is originally from Sanford, NC. He earned his B.S. in Sports and Entertainment & Event Management with a minor in Concert/Event Production from Johnson & Wales University at Charlotte. He has since worked with several nonprofit organizations. Jaime has an affinity for music, traveling and pop culture. In his spare time, he enjoys playing with his pup, Bane, going to concerts/music festivals and all things fun.

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Can Jordan Spieth Win Golf’s Grand Slam?


2014 Masters 036 resized 600Jordan Spieth has already captured the first two majors of the 2015 season and will be looking to capture two more to complete Golf’s Grand Slam. This fearless 21-year-old seems to be capable of anything, but can he really become the first man in history to win the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship in the same year? We’d all like to think so.

Realistically, the odds are against him. It’s not that Jordan Spieth doesn’t have the talent, but winning the Grand Slam is obviously a golfer’s most difficult accomplishment. Winning the Masters and the U.S. Open in the same year has only been done seven times. Tiger Woods won four majors back to back, but they weren’t in the same calendar year, so it wasn’t considered to be a Grand Slam. Ben Hogan was the only golfer to ever win the Masters, U.S. Open and British Open in the same year. Bobby Jones won the Grand Slam back in 1930 capturing the U.S. Amateur, U.S. Open, The Open, and The Amateur, but today’s Grand Slam has proven to be a much greater challenge.

There’s no doubt Spieth will face challenges along the way with Rory McIlroy being the biggest one. The betting markets consider McIlroy the favorite to win the season’s final two majors. We can’t deny McIlroy’s talent, as he is still the number one golfer in the world. However, I don’t think we should sell Spieth short.

The experts have Spieth at a 1 percent chance to complete the Grand Slam. Historians, mathematicians, and the like think he won’t win. But I’m not convinced. Yes, there are so many good players, too many variables that could affect play and a great deal of pressure surrounding Spieth. Yes, it’s true that
St. Andrews is perfect for McIlroy. Spieth isn’t supposed to win. But his physical and mental abilities along with his tremendous success prove that we shouldn’t put it past him.

2014 Masters 142 resized 600
Spieth has proven that he can win when he’s playing his best and when he’s playing much less. He walked around the Masters like he owned the place and made each shot look easy. At the U.S. Open, it was a different story. He certainly played well enough to win, but it wasn’t his best game. However, everything seemed to go his way even down to the last second. He plays well and waits for others to make mistakes, and it works out for him in the end. His talent and precision helped him win at Augusta, but it was his blood and guts that helped him win at Chambers Bay.

The thing I (and most people) love about Spieth is that he makes big shots and big putts when he has to. Sure, he makes mistakes, but he takes advantage of the chances he has and brings the heat. Now, Spieth is no Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus, at least not yet. He doesn’t intimidate or dominate with power, but there’s no denying that he’s really good at getting the ball in the hole. He might not be the best driver or the best putter, but he’s an incredible thinker and enough of shot maker to go all the way. Did anyone think this 21-year-old would finish 18-under at the Masters? No, not really. But he did because he is that good.

Spieth is clearly a fan-favorite and for good reason. He’s an all-around incredible golfer on and off the course. His talent is a breath of a fresh air, and his character is something to be applauded. He’s proven that he can compete with the some of the best. It appears that nothing is outside the realm of possibility for Spieth, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins the Grand Slam. A lot of people keep saying, “Oh there’s no way,” and they might be right.  But they also might be wrong and for that, I’m holding on to the hope that Jordan Spieth can take this all the way. Are you?

Attend the 2016 Masters®! 

2014 Masters 157 resized 600The Masters is the first major in
Golf's Grand Slam, and it's one event you don't want to miss! With a 2016 Masters Ticket Package through QuintEvents, you can experience all the action and see your favorite golfers compete for the Masters Green Jacket. 

A 2016 Masters Package from QuintEvents can be customized based on your preferences and requirements. 
2016 Masters tickets and badges can be purchased for individual days, two-day blocks or the entire week. Choose to attend Practice Rounds, Tournament Rounds or both! You can also add hotel, The Garden City Club access, and other incredible concierge services.

Find whatever fits your vision and your budget, and you’re guaranteed to have a fun-filled and top-of-the-line experience!


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The Top 4 Sports in America!


QuintEventsThis weekend we celebrate our Nation’s independence in our backyards with our loved ones; grilling franks and burgers on the grill and with a cold one in our hands. Because family-time isn’t complete with a little family debate, QuintEvents has decided to rank the top 4 greatest and most-loved sports in America!

America is truly a melting pot of eclectic people and our sports are no different! We love competition and the bragging rights that come with it. Check out our list of the top 4 sports in America. Share with your family this weekend and let the debate flow to something a little more positive for once!

Super Bowl QuintEvents 4Football

If baseball is America’s past time, then football is its passion. Thanks to the rise of the television, American football has become the country’s premier spectator sport.  Pro Football is the most popular sport in America for at least the 30th straight year. This is according to a survey taken last year by the Harris Poll, which has been asking adult fans about their favorite sport since 1985.

Perhaps it is the amount of ways you can watch football that makes it so easy to love. You have the annual “world championship” game, the Super Bowl, college football’s various Bowl games, and many more throughout the year.

Indeed, no other sport carries as much pride within America as football.


No other sport in America invokes more nostalgia among Americans than baseball. It is considered “the national past time.” Millions of baseball fans fill stadiums all over the country to celebrate one of the oldest traditions.

We grow up playing the game in our neighborhoods with friends and family creating memories that remain with us for our lives. It’s moments like those that keep our love for the sport going! Sure, TV ratings suggest otherwise, but, that metric ignores other strong indicators like local fan-base and enduring cultural relevance that baseball still matters.

NBA EventsBasketball

Basketball is now a fixture in most (if not all) of the countries in the world. Last season, the NBA boasted 92 international players hailing from 39 different countries. It seems international players are eager for an opportunity to get into one of America’s most popular sports, it’s not hard to see why basketball has become such a loved sport in the U.S.

Basketball is the third-favorite sport of young adults (ages 18-29), behind only football and soccer. Part of that is that the NBA has one of the most well-liked and well-respected commissioners in the any sport; although it may not seem a big deal, having a well-respected commissioner keeps fan bases united across all teams.

Moto RacingMoto Racing

Moto Sports including auto-car and motorcycle racing, is without a doubt one of the biggest sports in the United States. NASCAR is the biggest organization in the USA, which organizes races in America. Motor Sports is the 2nd most watched sport after Football in America.

Motor sports are widely popular in the United States, with NASCAR, Formula One, and MotoGP available there’s something for everyone in the family!

More about QuintEvents

QuintEvents delivers high impact experience packages and exclusive perks to the world’s most prestigious events to create unique, memorable experiences for individuals, large groups, corporate events and incentive travel.

Using our unique partnerships with some of the greatest names in sports and entertainment, we offer travel and hospitality packages that give our clients access to large blocks of seats, the best hotels, exclusive parties inside the stadium on the day of the event, celebrity appearances, dedicated entrances, access to exclusive parties at the world’s most prestigious events and other access that makes an event an “Experience.”


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How to Attend the NBA All-Star 2016 in Three Easy Steps!


NBA All Star 2015 QuintEvents 13Did you know you could easily attend the NBA All-Star 2016 next year? With NBA Events it’s now easier than ever to make it to one of the most fascinating events for the NBA. We’ve compiled a list of the different ways you can secure your spot at the NBA All-Star 2016 through NBA Events.

Next year the NBA All-Star 2016 is headed to one of Canada’s largest and busiest cities, Toronto! Fans of the sport are beyond excited for this new venture as it’s the first time in the organization’s history that it’ll head outside of the United States to hold the event.

Fans and teams alike are gearing up for what is promising to be one heck of show at the Air Canada Centre, home to the Toronto Raptors.

As for those of you who want to attend the NBA All-Star, but don’t know where to start, this article is for you! By following these easy steps, you can secure your seat in Toronto this February.

NBA All Star 2015 QuintEvents 281. Buy Your Tickets

The first step in securing your spot to the NBA All-Star 2016 is booking your tickets! There are a couple options for where to buy your tickets. However, you and I both know that booking through the secondary market carries a lot of risks. Resellers are known for causing us to have feelings of uncertainty.

The alternative is booking directly through the source – NBA Events. Through NBA Events’ Official Ticket Packages provided by QuintEvents, you receive 100 percent ticket security. The best part? You receive your tickets in your hands well before the big game. Talk about resting easy knowing your tickets are legit!

NBA All-Star Hospitality2. Bundle and Save

Once you’ve decided where to purchase your tickets, you need to book your hotel accommodations in Toronto and plan your transportation.

We know that booking a reasonably priced room is hard to find, especially with an event as big as the NBA All-Star in town. When you decide to book on your own, you not only run the risk of hotels’ exorbitant prices per night, but the possibility of hotels being sold out. Don’t get stuck with a less than desirable hotel the weekend of the big event!

The alternative is to include hotel accommodations in your Official Ticket Packages! This way there’s no risk of dealing (or haggling) with hotels over rates or overbookings, and best of all you get a luxurious place to lay your head down at night!

You can include transportation in your package, as well. A NBA Events transportation shuttle will pick you up from your hotel for all NBA events and return you when they are complete. Eliminate the need for taxi services or renting a car! Don’t add more to your plate; make it easier!

NBA All-Star Practice3. Opt for All-Inclusive

Still not convinced NBA Events is right for you? Hopefully this settles it for you. VIP experiences are all-inclusive with Official Ticket Packages!

This means that along with your ticket to the event, accommodations, and transportation, you’ll also have access to all the events on Saturday and Sunday night, an Official NBA All-Star Gift Bag, access to the Hospitality Party Experience where you can enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet, premium open bar, interactive experiences, NBA Legend meet and greet, and much more.

Start Your NBA All-Star 2016 Journey!

Now that you have the rundown of how to get to the NBA All-Star 2016, it’s time to secure your access! Make sure you’re there to be part of history, as the NBA heads to Toronto for the first time in the 65-year history of the event!

Get the all-inclusive experience while living out the ultimate basketball fan’s dream weekend! 

NBA All-Star 2016 Official Ticket Packages


Hard Aces Wins the Gold Cup at Santa Anita

goldcup recap 350x253 resized 600

Last Saturday, the Breeders’ Cup Challenge "Win and You’re In" series continued with the Gold Cup at
Santa Anita, the second race in the series for the Breeders’ Cup Classic.  If you were looking for an exciting day, you certainly got one!

Earlier in the day, Triple Crown winner American Pharoah, along with
Victor Espinoza and Bob Baffert, made a special appearance and received an energetic welcome as they paraded in front of a crowd of 21,528. 

The Gold Cup was quite the thriller to the say the least. Apparently this is Victor Espinoza’s world and we are just living it. Espinoza led Hard Aces to a win by a nose over Hopportunity and earned an automatic spot in the Breeders’ Cup Classic at Keeneland. Talk about a photo finish!

Towards the beginning of the race, Espinoza chose to hold off and save ground to then get through on the inside. Batti Man took an early lead for about half a mile until Big Cazanova rushed ahead. Hard Aces maintained his position in 10th.  Espinoza hugged the rail, found an opening near the top of the stretch and then battled bravely as it came down to the wire with Hopportunity. Hard Aces stole the stage and won by the thin margin of a nose hair.

The 8-5 favorite Catch a Flight finished third followed by Finnegans Wake, Big Cazanova, Lideris, Majestic City, Moreno, Poshsky, Motown Men and Batti Man, respectively. Hard Aces covered the 1 ¼ miles in 2:02.46, earning his first graded stakes victory.

(Image courtesy of Breeders' Cup)

Watch The Gold Cup at Santa Anita replay:

What’s next for American Pharoah?

I think we can all agree we are dying to know what move American Pharoah will be making next. There’s talk that he will run in the Haskell Invitational on Aug. 2 at Monmouth Park or the Jim Dandy at Saratoga on Aug. 1. The Pacific Classic at Del Mar has not been ruled out either, but it looks like we will just have to wait and see. For now, he is taking some well-deserved time off! Bob Baffert said American Pharoah will start training at Del Mar on July 9.

How the Breeders’ Cup® Works

There are a few different ways to qualify for the Breeders’ Cup. The first is by winning a
Breeders’ Cup Challenge race. The Breeders’ Cup Challenge “Win and You’re In” series consists of 78 stakes races. Winning one of these races automatically earns you entry into the corresponding
Breeders’ Cup Championship race and also waives entry and starting fees.

There is a total of six challenge races for the Breeders’ Cup Classic, the second of which was the
Gold Cup at Santa Anita. The next Breeders’ Cup Challenge for the Breeders’ Cup Classic will be the Haskell Invitational at Monmouth Park on August 2. 

The second way to qualify for the Breeders’ Cup is based on a points system, where horses are ranked based on their performance in major races during the year. Points are awarded based on the race quality and then by win, place and show (first, second and third place finishes). Take a look at the scale below:





Grade 1




Grade 2




Grade 3





The third way to gain entry to the Breeders’ Cup is to be selected by a panel of experts. For each Breeders’ Cup Championship race, there are a maximum of 14 horses selected. Seven of those horses qualify through Challenge races or the points system. Seven are selected by experts. The reasoning for this method of qualifying is to ensure the highest quality of competition for each of the races.

Breeders Cup Experiences Keeneland View of the Starting Gate resized 600

Attend the 2015 Breeders’ Cup®

We already know Hard Aces and Noble Bird will be two of the horses to race in the Breeders’ Cup Classic. Who else will join alongside?

With an Official Ticket Package direct from Breeders’ Cup and QuintEvents, you can be there to witness the action! Get an unbeatable experience that includes tickets, hospitality, exclusive insider extras and much more. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to head to the heart of the Bluegrass State in October and see some of the best horses compete at the 2015 Breeders’ Cup!


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NBA Draft 2015 Recap: 5 Things You Should Know


NBA EventsThe NBA Draft 2015 happened a few days ago at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York and as always, there was no shortage of excitement! The Barclays Center was filled with lots of cheering and some noticeable questioning looks throughout the night. Like most drafts, the picks have an enormous impact on not only the players, but the teams, the organizations and of course, the fans!

A lot went down during the NBA Draft; here’s a rundown of the 5 biggest moments from the night!

NBA Draft 2014Timberwolves Come Through

When the Timberwolves won the No. 1 overall pick, there was some concerns as Timberwolves’ head coach Flip Saunders is notorious for playing it “safe” and discouraging his players from taking risky shots or shrugging off the idea that resting players might be a good idea. It was thought they would be selecting Okafor, a low-post scorer with impressive NBA-ready moves.

However, Saunders surprised some and selected the best all-around prospect in Kentucky’s Karl-Anthony Towns. Towns, should be a game-changer on both ends once he fully blossoms: He’s a player whose inside-outside offensive game will cause problems for opposing defenders from the rim to the arc, and the advanced numbers suggest he will be strong post defender too.

NBA Draft 2014Sixers Head-Scratching Move

Philadelphia incited some guffaws, again, after taking Okafor at No. 3, marking once again another lottery pick the franchise has used on a big man. Luckily with the Sixers’ 2013 lottery pick, Nerlens Noel, the Sixers should be able to cover up some of Okafor’s defensive shortcomings. Although Okafor and Noel aren’t a perfect pair on offense, given their shared paint-bound approaches, this is as good at it gets for the Sixers.

Lakers Living for Now

One major grievance that the Lakers have had is the perception that they’re living in the past. Well on Thursday the franchised deviated from the perception with the selection of Ohio State’s D’Angelo Russell.

By taking Russell, the Lakers avoid making the easy choice. In Russell, the Lakers appear to have a talented play-maker with the ability to create for himself and others. His passing ability should bring a little excitement back to a drab Lakers product, and he has a superstar’s ceiling.

NBA Draft 2014

No International Love

In what was the most predictable, and possibly the angriest reaction came when the Knicks selected Latvian forward Kristaps Porzingis with the No. 4 pick. Knicks fans in attendance eagerly booed the pick and were visibly upset. There are fears that he’ll be another international bust. Porzingis is taking the high road and offered a thoughtful and calm defense of himself.

“I have to do everything that’s in my hands to turn those booing fans into clapping fans,” he told reporters. “I was happy about [being taken by the Knicks]. I know the fans are a little harsh sometimes, but that’s hot it is here in New York, and I’m ready for it.”

Denver Moving on Up

Looks like things are on the up and up for the nuggets, as Emmanuel Mudiay was selected at the No. 7 pick. Not only does Mudiay represent great value, as he is arguably a top-four talent in this class, but he looks like a perfect fit on paper for a Nuggets team that has pledged to get back to running.

Mudiay should plug in nicely as a starter from day one, assuming incumbent starter Ty Lawson is traded out as expected. It’s hard to envision a better night for the Nuggets.

NBA Draft 2014Secure YOUR Spot to the NBA Draft 2016

With the NBA Draft 215 in the history books, fans can already begin freaking out over next year’s draft. To find yourself in the middle of all the action book your experience through NBA Events!

Get behind-the-scenes tours, access to exclusive in-arena hospitality party, NBA Legend meet and greets, and so much more!


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5 Reasons to Attend an NFL International Series Game


The highly-anticipated NFL International Series will be here before we know it, and we couldn’t be more excited. Let’s be real. Who wouldn’t be excited about traveling to London to witness their favorite team compete? What’s even better is that there are three NFL International Series Games!

There are so many reasons why we think you should attend one of these games, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top five. Take a look below at five reasons you should absolutely attend.

Hello London!

NFL On Location NFL International Series London 6 resized 600This is an obvious reason, but I had to mention it anyway. NFL International Series Games are returning to London, and I think we can all agree that it doesn’t get much better than that. There’s a reason London is at the top of so many people’s lists of places to travel. Its rich history, diverse culture and breathtaking architecture make it the perfect place to visit.  

Attending an NFL International Series Game is going to be phenomenal within itself, but top that off with a chance to explore London, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a trip!

The Famous Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is known for being one of the most incredible stadiums in the world, so of course you have to experience it at least once…or twice…or more! The stadium features 90,000 seats over three tiers and has no obstructed views. So if you’re wondering whether you’ll actually be able to see what’s going on in the game, the answer is 100% yes.  

Combine the excitement of a game with the aura of Wembley Stadium, and you’ll without a doubt have an experience of a lifetime.

QuintEvents NFL On Location NFL International Series Wembley Stadium Kick Off resized 600

Meet NFL Players and Cheerleaders

And the good times keep on coming! Not only can you watch your favorite players compete, but you can actually meet them. If your heart just stopped, I’m not surprised.

With Official Ticket Packages, you could score an invite to the NFL Friday Night Kickoff Cruise. Do you know what this means? Let me break it down for you: You can sail the River Thames, eat delicious food and mingle with NFL players and cheerleaders. I think that sounds like quite the night, don’t you?

Game Day Hospitality

NFL On Location NFL International Series Hospitality Food 1 resized 600At a regular season football game back in the States, your food options are a tad limited. Most people opt for a hotdog, popcorn, slice of pizza or the like while downing a few beers and then call it a night. What if I told you that you could enjoy a meal ten times better than that? Yes, it’s true.

With Official Ticket Packages, you can choose to wine and dine at the Bobby Moore Club at Wembley Stadium. You’ll be treated to a deluxe 3-course meal and complimentary bar. Or, if buffet-style is more your thing, there’s a place for you at one of the Club Wembley exclusive restaurants. Don’t settle for less! You deserve a tasty meal during your time at one of the NFL International Series Games.

Exciting Games

One of the things that makes an NFL International Series Game so interesting is that neither team has the home field advantage, so anything can happen. Each team will have to devise their own strategy for playing in conditions they’re not used to. It’s a different field in a different climate, and each team will have to learn to adjust. This makes for an exciting series. After all, anything can happen!

NFL On Location NFL International Game Series QuintEvents

You’re convinced aren’t you? I knew it! It’s hard to ignore all the reasons why you should attend an
NFL International Series Game. When you combine London, Wembley Stadium, the chance to meet
NFL players, game day hospitality, and the thrill of the games, you know you are going to have an unbelievable experience. With a variety of ticket package options, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you. See you in London!

For more information on where the 2015 NFL International Series will take place, check out our previous post

Which game would you like to see?


View Dolphins vs Jets Ticket Packages


View Chiefs vs Lions Ticket Packages


View Jaguars vs Bills Ticket Packages

A Brief Guide to Spyglass Hill® Golf Course


Spyglass Hill Golf Course 3 resized 600It’s no surprise that Spyglass Hill Golf Course is a top destination for golfers, professional and amateur. The course poses exciting challenges and offers beautiful views simply not found anywhere else in the world. The course takes you on a journey by the ocean and through the pines to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Whether you have played
Spyglass Hill Golf Course before or are looking to play for the first time, this guide will help you be one step ahead. Below you will find a brief introduction to the course as well as a few tips and tricks to help you along the way. Last, but certainly not least, you will learn how you can take a trip to
Pebble Beach Resorts and play the course! 

Intro to Spyglass Hill® Golf Course

Spyglass Hill Golf Course takes its theme from Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, Treasure Island. In fact, the holes are named after characters and places in the book. You’ll have the chance to encounter Billy Bones, Black Dog, Long John Silver, Skeleton Island and many more. Get ready for the thrills of this treasure of a course.

One of the unique aspects of Spyglass Hill Golf Course is that it combines the coastal and forest experience. The first five holes of the course take you through the sandy seaside dunes and expose you to the elements, while the remaining 13 holes cut through the majestic pines and play on terrain that slopes uphill. The course is 6,960 yards with the shortest hole being a par-3 at 130 yards and the longest being a par-5 at 595 yards.

Spyglass Hill Golf Course is rated one of the toughest courses in the world from the Championship tees, and for good reason. Embrace the challenge and enjoy the scenic views!

Tips and Tricks

Spyglass Hill Golf Course 1 resized 600

If you’re looking to enhance your experience and increase your likelihood of performing well, there are a few things you should know about
Spyglass Hill Golf Course. Before you dive right into your round of golf, consider the following tips:

Get a Caddie: The course presents enough challenges to where investing in a caddie can make a big difference. They offer great tips along the way that can really step up your game and increase your chances of playing well.

On the first tee: The 1st hole at Spyglass Hill Golf Course, Treasure Island,  offers a memorable experience and is one of the finest opening holes in the country. This par-5, 595-yard hole goes downhill to the left. From the tee you turn the corner for your second shot and are treated to a stunning view of the vast Pacific Ocean. The large green—an island nearly surrounded by sand—has many challenging undulations.

Best birdie chance: Two par-3 holes, 3rd and 15th, are the easiest holes on the course and your best chances for a birdie. The 3rd hole’s elevated tee offers a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean and, in the absence of wind, makes the hole play shorter. The 15th hole is the shortest hole on the course. It still presents a challenge with a green backed by bunkers with a formidable pond in the front, but you definitely have a chance of nailing it with two shots.

Bogey beware: The 8th hole and the 16th hole are the two most difficult holes on the course. At 399 yards, the 8th hole presents quite the challenge. The second shot is more uphill than the tee shot, and the green is elevated with the hole’s only bunker protecting the right side. With the 476-yard 16th hole, too long of a drive may run through the fairway. A tree, which cannot be seen from the tee, blocks the right side. The shot into the green does open up past the tree, but you’ll have to decide if it’s worth the risk.

Spyglass Hill Golf Course 4 resized 600Most exciting shot: The famous 4th hole is Robert Trent Jones Sr.’s favorite par-4 and considered by many to be one of his best designs. You have several options for how you want to bring in your approach shot. The green runs 50 yards deep and is one of the most photographed holes at
Spyglass Hill Golf Course.

Keep an eye out for: Deer! Spyglass Hill
Golf Course is known for having a few deer hanging out around the course. Some people say the deer are a nice diversion away from the pressures and challenges of golf.

How to Play

Now that you’ve learned more about the course as well as a few tips and tricks, it’s time to get out there and play! If you have a passion for golf and are looking for the ultimate getaway, this is your golden opportunity. You can play Spyglass Hill Golf Course the week of Super Bowl 50 and even opt for a package that includes two rounds of golf, tickets to the Super Bowl, and other incredible amenities.

Spyglass Hill Golf Course is one experience you don’t want to pass up; the challenging play and beautiful views of the ocean and pines can guarantee an unforgettable trip. Stay at a deluxe hotel, play a couple of rounds of golf, and kick back and enjoy your one-of-a-kind experience at Pebble Beach Resorts. Learn more about Pebble Beach Resorts, home of America’s #1 Public Golf Course, as well as Spyglass Hill Golf Course, the #2 Public Course in California, The Links at Spanish Bay, and Del Monte Golf Course.


  Play Spyglass Hill® Golf Course!



Find Your Perfect Super Bowl 50 Ticket Package


Super Bowl 50 Football fans across the country are lining up to get their tickets to
Super Bowl 50 in California. After all, who doesn’t want to experience the 50th Anniversary of the Super Bowl?

Whether you want the best seats in the stadium, desire the coveted on-the-field access, or are cost-conscious, there’s a Super Bowl ticket package for you. Find what fits your lifestyle and budget and have the ultimate experience at the Super Bowl!

Here’s a breakdown of the Super Bowl 50 ticket packages based on what you desire most:

Best Seats

If you’re looking for the best seats at Super Bowl 50, you can have it. We’re talking 100 level seats on the 50 yard line. Can anything beat that? Nope. You can be up close and see all the action taking place on the field. But let’s not stop there.

In addition to having these coveted seats, you’ll also get access to the all-inclusive Official NFL in-stadium premium party venue before, during and after the Super Bowl. Get treated like the VIP you are with premium food and drinks, player and cheerleader appearances, autograph signings, and so much more. Not to mention, you’ll be given an exclusive Super Bowl 50 gift. Get your On The Fifty ticket package today!

Super Bowl 50 Seating Chart Gold resized 600

On-the-Field Access

Onfieldpostgame001 resized 600ON. THE. FIELD. ACCESS. Yes, you read that correctly. You can celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Super Bowl with sideline seats and then make your way to the field for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This is your chance to take photos no one else can even come close to taking. Talk about bragging rights for life.

Plus, you’ll also get to enjoy an in-stadium hospitality experience and other great amenities such as an exclusive Super Bowl 50 Gift Bag! If this sounds like your kind of experience, Red Level packages are for you.

Lower Level

If your main priority is lower level seating, you’ll be best suited for the White Level G or H packages! With great seats at the 100/200 level corners or end zone plus hospitality access, you’ll be one happy fan.

Super Bowl Game Day Hospitality at the Santa Clara Convention Center is one way to enhance an already exciting trip, don’t you think? Enjoy premium food and an open bar, live entertainment, and player and cheerleader appearances. Plus, you can take home Super Bowl memorabilia thanks to your in-stadium merchandise coupon.

Super Bowl 50 Seating Chart White H resized 600   Super Bowl 50 Seating Chart White G resized 600


Super Bowl NFL on LocationIf you know you want to go to the
Super Bowl, but your wallet isn’t so sure, fear not! There’s a budget-friendly package just for you.  White Level I or L packages are the most cost-efficient packages that remain and are just what you need. Choose from 300 level corner or 300 level end zone seats! Plus, you still get premium hospitality at the Santa Clara Convention Center pregame and postgame. You’ll also enjoy an in-stadium merchandise coupon so you can load up on all the Super Bowl 50 memorabilia you desire.


No matter which package you select, you are guaranteed a dedicated security entrance to the stadium on Super Bowl Sunday as well as preferred On Location Stadium Parking! Plus, you’ll get a Super Bowl
Official Game Program and an Official Lanyard with Ticket Sleeve. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? We think so.

Now that you’ve seen a breakdown of the type of experience you can have, what are you waiting for?! With an Official NFL On Location Ticket Package through QuintEvents, you can secure your spot at Super Bowl 50 and experience the thrill of a lifetime. See you there!


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Where is the 2016 College Football National Championship?


college football premium package resized 600The 2016 College Football Playoff National Championship is heading out west to Arizona! The University of Phoenix Stadium will be its host, and football fans could not be more excited. With a top-notch stadium in an exciting city, there’s no doubt this is the place to be next January.

Take a look below at a few highlights of the University of Phoenix Stadium along with travel tips to Phoenix and, most importantly, how you can attend the
2016 College Football Playoff National Championship!

About University of Phoenix Stadium

Located in Glendale, Arizona, University of Phoenix Stadium opened in August of 2006 and is known for being unlike any other stadium in North America. This multi-purpose facility is home to football, basketball, soccer, concerts, consumer shows, motorsports, rodeos and corporate events.

The stadium features 63,400 permanent seats and can expand to 72,200 seats. Fun fact: If you were to set the stadium seats in a straight line, they would stretch for approximately 18 miles! Can you imagine?

The stadium also holds 88 luxury lofts, about 7,400 Club Seats, two 39,000 square foot Club Lounges, 160,000 square feet of contiguous exhibit space and 20,000 square feet of meeting room space. The amount of concrete used to build the stadium is equal to 900 miles of sidewalk! To put it in perspective, that is the distance between Phoenix and San Francisco.

University of Phoenix Stadium

University of Phoenix Stadium has many unique features. For example, the exterior skin represents a barrel cactus. Four columns in the concourse area show hieroglyphics of the Arizona Cardinals’ records and significant moments. The stadium also features a mural on each level that represents Arizona’s environmental attractions. The 400 level replicates the night sky while the rest represent state rivers, canyons, deserts and mountains.

Don’t forget about the two large "thermometers" at the south end zone that gauge crowd noise!

The 2016 College Football Playoff National Championship is without a doubt going to be an incredible experience at this phenomenal stadium. With its design, engineering and technology,
University of Phoenix Stadium is the perfect host.

What to Do in Phoenix

College Football Playoff National Championship

Phoenix and the surrounding areas
(ex. Scottsdale) are known for luxurious food, shopping, golf, hiking and business. If you like fine dining, you’ll want to venture over to Scottsdale where you will find all sorts of places to eat near Old Town. You should also try at least one of the family-owned Mexican restaurants across Phoenix; the food is second only to Mexico!

Phoenix is a unique city that offers a different kind of a paradise. It’s clean, diverse and very laid back, making it a perfect destination for you and your family and friends.

Here is a list of a few places to check out while you’re in town:

  • Musical Instrument Museum: A must-see in Phoenix, the Musical Instrument Museum offers a collection of more than 6,000 instruments from around the world. The museum also showcases live music throughout the year.

  • Camelback Mountain: Camelback Mountain is the highest peak in Phoenix and easily the most scenic hiking spot in the city. There are several trails you can hike based on your skill level. If you’re seeking spectacular views of Phoenix and Scottsdale, try to hike the 1.2-mile Summit Trail. Just beware; it’s incredibly steep.

  • Desert Botanical Garden: Covering over 50 acres, the Desert Botanical Garden is home to thousands of species of cacti, trees and flowers. This is one beautiful experience you don’t want to miss.

  • Heard Museum: If you love history and art, then you should definitely take advantage of the Heard Museum, one of the country’s finest Native American museums. Experience the life and culture of Native Americans in the Southwest!

Travel Tips

The weather in the Phoenix/Glendale area during January is relatively mild. The daily temperatures average highs around 65 degrees and lows of 45 degrees. Expect sunny days, low humidity and a calm breeze!

As far as air travel, you will want to fly into the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. To get around Phoenix, you will need a car, so make sure to reserve your rental car early. Roads in Phoenix are laid out on an 800-square-mile grid with Central Avenue as the main north-south grid axis. It’s very easy to get around!

There are buses and taxis, but you’ll find that having a car is the best option. However, The Valley’s light-rail system is a convenient option for exploring Downtown Phoenix or the area surrounding Arizona State University.

How to Attend

2015 CFP Championship venue space QuintEvents20150112 4 resized 600

What’s even better than knowing where the 2016 College Football National Championship is? You actually BEING there! You can read all day about the incredible
University of Phoenix Stadium and all the fun things to do in Phoenix, but nothing can beat actually experiencing it for yourself.

With an Official Ticket Package direct from College Football Playoff Premium through QuintEvents, you can be there to witness the
Sports Event of the Year!” Get your ticket to the game, hospitality access and other VIP perks you can’t get anywhere else. What better way to kick off 2016 than at the College Football Playoff National Championship?

If you heart is in attending but your wallet might not be, check out our recent post on
how to attend the College Football National Championship on a budget!

See you in Phoenix! 


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When is the 2016 Masters® Tournament?


Masters TournamentEvery year spring begins and with it comes the prestigious and highly-anticipated
Masters Tournament. It’s easy to remember when it will begin every year because
Masters Week always starts the week following the first Sunday of the month of April.

With that being said, the
2016 Masters Tournament will start on Monday, April 4 and run until Sunday, April 10. Here’s a look at the Masters Tournament schedule:

Monday, April 4, 2016

Practice Round
Gates open 8am
Gates close approximately 6:30pm

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Practice Round
Gates open 8am
Gates close approximately 6:30pm

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Practice Round - Par 3 Contest
Gates open 8am
Par 3 contest 1pm
Gates close approximately 6:30pm

Thursday, April 7, 2016

First Championship Round
Gates open 7am
Gates close 30 minutes after play

Friday, April 8, 2016

Second Championship Round
Gates open 7am
Gates close 30 minutes after play 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Third Championship Round
Gates open 8am
Gates close 30 minutes after play

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fourth Championship Round
Final Competitive Round
Gates open 8am
Gates close 30 minutes after Presentation Ceremony

Now that you know the dates of the 2016 Masters Tournament along with the complete schedule, here are a few tips for having the best 2016 Masters experience.

1. Attend the Practice Rounds

Masters Tournament Practice RoundsThere’s nothing like Tournament Rounds, but don’t overlook the value of attending Practice Rounds of the Masters. Because pictures are not allowed during Tournament Rounds, this is your chance to document your trip! You can take as many pictures as you want during Practice Rounds and even get autographs from some of the golfers.

In addition, Practice Rounds give you a different experience than Tournament Rounds will give. Since you won’t have to deal with enormous crowds, you can easily and comfortably watch your favorite golfers compete. This is where you will really get to see the personal side of players.

All-in-all, Practice Rounds are a laid-back and fun experience for the whole family. Plus, you don’t have to be AS quiet!

2. Book Early

The advantages of booking your 2016 Masters Ticket Packages early are numerous. The best options always sell out fast, so it’s no surprise that you should get your tickets ASAP. You want the best access, right? That’s what I thought!

By booking early, you have a prime selection of Practice Round and Tournament Round options. The longer you wait the less likely it will be that you can get access on the exact days you want.

By booking early, you can also take advantage of easy payment terms through QuintEvents. Payment terms lets you pay a little now and a little later. One-third of your total will be due at signing followed by one-third due September 1, 2015, and one-third due January 11, 2016. We know that attending the 2016 Masters isn’t cheap, so we want to make it as convenient and affordable for you as possible.

Masters Tournament

3. Opt for Hospitality at The Garden City Club

Imagine a 14,000 square-foot venue with breakfast and lunch buffets, a premium open bar, flat screen televisions, valet parking, and so much more. What you’re imagining is The Garden City Club, which is the place to be during Masters Week. This hospitality venue is located a short distance from
Augusta National Golf Club and offers a nice respite from the tournament.

Don’t stress about parking, meals, drinks and comfort. The Garden City Club has you covered!

Learn more about The Garden City Club at the 2016 Masters.

Attend the 2016 Masters® Tournament

Masters Tournament Garden City ClubThe Masters might be several months away, but as we mentioned, you’re best off acting early so that you are guaranteed a spot at the rounds you want to attend!

A 2016 Masters Package from QuintEvents can be customized based on your preferences and requirements.
2016 Masters tickets and badges can be purchased for individual days, two-day blocks or the entire week. Choose to attend Practice Rounds, Tournament Rounds or both! You can also add hotel, The Garden City Club access, and other incredible concierge services.

Find whatever fits your vision and your budget, and you’re guaranteed to have a fun-filled and top-of-the-line experience!


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