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Matt Cullen

matt cullen quintevents

Matt Cullen is originally from Chapel Hill, NC. He studied Marketing and Professional Golf Management at Florida State University and received his MBA in Sports Marketing and Management from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In his spare time he enjoys playing golf, attending sporting events, and is an avid Florida State football fan. Matt and his wife Carlie were recently blessed with their first son, Carson.

Niala Samnarine

Niala Blog Picture

Niala Samnarine was born on the island of Trinidad and made her way to Charlotte, NC via Old Bridge, NJ.  She attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she received her Bachelor’s in Communication and Media Studies. Niala loves playing with puppies and enjoys a good meme every now and again. She is also an avid Jets, Yankees and Nets fan. 

Jaclyn Harris

jaclyn harris quintevents resized 250Jaclyn Harris is originally from Fallbrook, California. She earned her B.A. in Communications Studies and was a recipient of the Epley Certificate in International Public Relations  from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She studied abroad in London at the University of Westminster to complete her minor in Journalism. In her free time, Jaclyn enjoys playing soccer, traveling and spending time with her friends and family. 

Kellie Canosa

Kellie HeadshotKellie Canosa was born a Jersey girl, but raised a southern lady in the Queen city of Charlotte, North Carolina. She studied Marketing, Advertising, and Graphic Design at High Point University earning herself a B.A in Strategic Communications. Kellie is an avid runner and enjoys photography, traveling, playing soccer, and partaking in water sports. She also is a die-hard Peyton Manning fan.  

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Your Guide to London Transportation & the NFL International Games


Hallelujah! The calendar reads late July and the NFL football season and the fall months are rapidly approaching! This means the 2014 NFL International Series will be here in the blink of an eye! And who wouldn’t be excited about seeing their team compete on international soil in London?

With a record three games in the line-up for the series this fall, NFL fans are going to be congregating in London and converging on Wembley Stadium. And whether you’re from London and the surrounding area and you’re planning on attending or whether you’re traveling in from an outside country, it’s of the utmost importance that you plan your transportation in advance.

The last thing you need is a transportation issue to dampen your experience at the
NFL International Series.

So let’s talk about your options, the flaws you might see in each, and the solution to all your troubles!

Option No. 1: Take a Cab

Sure, taking a cab to the game has its fair share of benefits. You’ll be able to see numerous tourist points along the drive to the stadium, you’ll be able to see all the fans pumped up as they begin to gather by the stadium, and you and your group can all travel together.

However, you also must consider the traffic. What should be a quick trip from the center city of London to Wembley Stadium will become a traffic-crazed nightmare. That cab fare will rise from just a couple pounds to more than you bargained for. And with the crowds, you could even put yourself in a situation to become late to the game!

It’s probably safe to say taking a cab to the game isn’t in your best interest.

Option No. 2: Ride a Double-Decker Bus

NFL On Location NFL International Series Cheerleaders 3The infamous double-decker bus! It just wouldn’t even be right to take a trip to London and not take a ride in this popular form of transportation. From the top row of seats you can see far into the distance and it offers a great view of the city on the way to the stadium.

On the other hand, taking a bus brings forth the same issues that hailing a cab brings, traffic-filled roads. Additionally, just like many bus routes, double-decker busses stick within the routes assigned to them. So unless you can find a bus going directly from your hotel to Wembley Stadium, and we highly doubt you will, you’re going to have to bus hop throughout the crowded streets to ensure you get on the right one. Another downfall? You’ll still have to stop at all the bus stops along the way too, probably making you late to the game. What a bummer.

So, double-decker busses? Throw that idea to the curb.

Option No. 3: Hop on the London Underground

The Underground, better known to London natives as the “Tube,” is a series of subway lines that run all along the city. The plus side of taking the Tube to Wembley Stadium? Well, Wembley has its own station, so it can bring fans right in!

With that being said, the Tube is one of, if not the most, popular form of transportation in London. On any given event day, approximately 100 trains run per hour bringing fans to Wembley and almost 40,000 total people make use of this. That’s a whole lot of people you’re going to have to compete with for a spot on the Tube.

Therefore, it’s probably not the best possible option.

Option No. 4: Private Transportation

This is just as it sounds. A private passenger van will pick up you and your group and a couple other die-hard fans from the same location, and transport you all to Wembley Stadium. Yes, the struggle of dealing with traffic is still real. And yes, the crowds will still be present.

HOWEVER, with this private transportation comes an invite to tailgate with the NFL at the stadium for three hours pregame!

I’ll wait while that sinks in.

Have you picked your jaw up off the floor? Shall I continue?

You, yes you, can tailgate with the NFL for three hours pregame and have arranged transportation to and from the NFL International Game of your choice!

This means that your transportation will already been arranged and paid for, you’ll simply be along for the ride. Also, since you’ll be at Wembley Stadium three hours before the game to tailgate with the NFL, you’ll miss the traffic because you’ll be arriving so early. It’s a win-win!

And if you’re not convinced by these facts alone, take a look inside the tailgate and learn how you can get this unbelievable access at the 2014 NFL International Series to give you the final push you need!

A Glimpse Inside the NFL’s Tailgate

NFL On Location NFL International Series NFL Players 3Depending on the tailgate you choose to attend, you will be in a hospitality area either inside or just outside Wembley Stadium. The levels of hospitality vary the type of fare you’ll receive once inside, but the areas range from offering three-course gourmet meals to open food buffets, and each venue offers complimentary beer, wine and soft drink selections. Isn’t that fantastic? You and your group will be able to fill-up on the delicious fare and complimentary beverages saving you from purchasing these items from the concessions.

Also inside the tailgates, you’ll find a plethora of interactive elements, fun for all ages, to get you and your group excited for the game at hand! And depending on the level of hospitality you select, you’re hospitality area will be open during halftime and one hour postgame as well.

Get Transportation & VIP Access to the NFL International Series

What are you waiting for? Now that you know exactly how you’re going to get to the
NFL International Game of your choice, it’s time for you to secure your seats! Get more information on how you can bundle together your tickets, transportation, hospitality, and so much more for the
2014 NFL International Series by calling 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a representative or by visiting QuintEvents website for more information.

Oakland Raiders vs Miami Dolphins on Sept. 28, 2014

Atlanta Falcons vs Detroit Lions on Oct. 26, 2014

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 9, 2014

2015 Super Bowl and 2015 Pro Bowl = Ultimate Sports Week


describe the imageHave you ever had one of those days?

You wake up before your alarm clock goes off, surprisingly refreshed, go to work and get all kinds of praise for a project you’ve been working on, come home to an amazing family who’ve surprised you with dinner and a clean home. It’s just one of those perfect days that makes you happy to be alive?

Well, that’s exactly what the Ultimate Sports Week is, times a billion.

The football gods wanted you to keep the good vibes going not just on Super Bowl Sunday, but the entire week leading up to it. With the announcement of the 2015 Pro Bowl slated just a week before the 2015 Super Bowl, and all in Arizaona, football fans can now spend an entire week reveling in the football goodness!

If you don’t see what all the fuss is about check your pulse read on to see just what makes Jan. 25 – Feb. 1, 2015 the Ultimate Sports Week.

Meet the Criteria

That’s right; you can’t just throw the word “Ultimate” in front of something without it meeting some very specific criteria.

Merriam Webster has two criterion for the word:

  1. Happening or coming at the end of a process, series of events, etc.
  2. Greatest or most extreme.

So do they meet these criteria? I’d say yes.

Pro Bowl

Both the 2015 Pro Bowl and 2015 Super Bowl come as the culmination of the season and both pit the best and greatest players against each other. In the case of the Super Bowl, it pits the two greatest teams of the season against one another to compete for sport’s the greatest prize: the Lombardi Trophy!

Just Two Games

Don’t you dare call them “just two games.” Okay, so that was kind of a trap, but ask any football fan (start in Seattle) if the Super Bowl is just a game.

Super Bowl

The 2015 Pro Bowl has been given new life with the new unconferenced format. With the ever growing popularity of Fantasy Football, this real life Fantasy Football gives fans what they could only dream of. The chance to see the best players (regardless of team) compete against the each other!

The 2015 Super Bowl is definitely not just a game. In fact, among football fans, many consider Super Bowl Sunday an unofficial holiday. The entire two weeks after the NFC and AFC Champions are announced gives fans time to bring their excitement to the brink.

The smack talking and team jersey shopping rampage that takes place is unbelievable, and the party planning that takes place is next level. That’s because this isn’t just a game, it’s THE game.

Do It Like a Boss

Of course just getting tickets and being in the stands for both the 2015 Pro Bowl and 2015 Super Bowl is something to be celebrated, but what makes this truly the Ultimate Sports Week, is how you can do it like a total boss.

QuintEvents and the NFL have teamed up to bring fans NFL On Location Official Ticket Packages for both events. With unparalleled access and exclusive amenities, getting official packages is sure to make this the ultimate week.

2015 Pro Bowl

Guests who want that next level, VIP experience can choose from one of two packages, click for more info:

Gameday Packages>>>

MVP Packages>>>

Each package gives guests a guaranteed ticket to the 2015 Pro Bowl, with an option to upgrade your seat location so you can view the game from almost anywhere your heart desires. Additionally, each package gives you access to the Official NFL Pro Bowl Tailgate Party!

Pro Bowl Hospitality

Open three full hours pre-game, this tailgate is stocked with delicious gourmet fare and complimentary bar options! Complete with fun and interactive elements for the entire family, this tailgate will set the mood and get you pumped for the game!

With MVP Packages, guests get the added bonus of having luxury accommodations, and ground transportation included—one less thing to plan!

Your Saturday night plans are taken care of, as you're invited to the NFL’s Official Saturday Night Party!


Get Info on the 2015 Pro Bowl


2015 Super Bowl

Think the inclusions for the 2015 Pro Bowl are amazing? Super Bowl XLIX gets even better. Select your package level to choose from various levels of hospitality that include complimentary gourmet food and drink, and NFL player and cheerleader meet-and-greets.

Super Bowl

Additionally, select packages that include on-field experiences that get you on University of Phoenix Stadium’s field for a unique experience that only the 2015 Super Bowl champs will be privy to, accommodations, ground transportation, souvenirs, gift bags, dedicated security entrances, NFL On Location On-Site staff to help you navigate through your experience, and so much more!

Official Ticket Package levels include:

Touchdown Club 
Red Level
Blue Level
Stadium Box

And with convenient payment terms, this Ultimate Sports Week is your's for the taking! As of today the terms are:

Super Bowl

Pro Bowl

 1/3 due at signing

 33% due at signing 

 1/3 due August 15, 2014

 33% due August 1, 2014

 1/3 due November 15, 2014

 33% due October 31, 2014

Will we see you in Arizona? Are you pumped about the Ultimate Sports Week? Will your team or players make it to the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl? Share in the comments below! 

Start My 2015 Super Bowl Experience!

Who’s On Your “Fantasy” Pro Bowl Team?


Pro BowlThe Pro Bowl is essentially the NFL’s All-Star game. It pits football’s best against each other, providing a unique opportunity for rivals to work together and for fans to see this awesome dynamic.

Every year, the best players in each position are selected to compete in the Pro Bowl. Historically the game has been held the week before the Super Bowl in Hawaii, however, 2015 brings a bit of a change.

The 2015 Pro Bowl will be played in the same arena as the Super Bowl (University of Phoenix Stadium), the week before, in the very same place (Arizona)! So while we’re counting down the days to the first preseason game of the NFL (August 3rd!!!), we’ve decided to compile our picks for a Fantasy Pro Bowl Team.

Using best-of Pro Bowl statistics, we’ve pulled our picks for our “Fantasy” Pro Bowl Team. Check it out!

QB: Peyton Manning

The future Hall of Fame quarterback holds nine Pro Bowl records (not to mention categories he ranks second or third in):

  • Career passing attempts: 179
  • Single-game passing attempts: 41 (2004)
  • Career completions: 107
  • Single-game completions: 22 (2004)
  • Career passing yards: 1,496.
  • Single-game yards: 342 (2004)
  • Career yards per completion: 8.36
  • Career touchdowns: 14
  • Career interceptions: 8 (tied with Dan Fouts)

In addition to a Super Bowl ring, multiple Super Bowl appearances and a new single season passing yard record in 2013, he also won the 2005 Pro Bowl MVP award, further solidifying him as our pick for QB in our Fantasy Pro Bowl Team.

RB: Adrian Peterson

While his accolades during the Pro Bowl do not stack as high as Manning’s, Peterson still lands on this list for our fantasy team. Pro Bowl accomplishments include:

  • Career rushing touchdowns: 4
  • Second rookie ever to win Pro Bowl MVP (tied with Marshall Faulk)
Pro Bowl 2

RB: Walter Payton

This Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee has received high praise both on and off the field, but for his performance during various Pro Bowl games, he makes our team.

  • Career rushing attempts: 81
  • Career rushing yards: 368

He's also tied for second in rushing touchdowns with two, and has a long list of NFL records and awards that makes him more than worthy of our Fantasy Pro Bowl Team.

WR: Jerry Rice

Rice was chosen to 13 Pro Bowl games, and played in 10 of them. While Rice doesn’t hold any Pro Bowl records, he is second and third in several of them, and frequents football experts’ lists as one of the greatest receivers of all time. Some of his Pro Bowl accomplishments include:

  • Second in career receptions: 37 
  • Second in career receiving yards: 495
  • Third place in single-game receptions: seven (tied)

WR: Randy Moss

Moss owns one of the more prolific single-game performances in the Pro Bowl’s history. Pair that with his many records and professional accomplishments, and being on the fantasy team is a no brainer.

  • Single-game receptions: 9 (also tied for third with seven receptions)
  • Single-game receiving yards: 212
Pro Bowl

TE: Tony Gonzalez

Gonzalez has been a fixture in Pro Bowl games throughout his career and with a list of accolades that grew every year he played, it’s no question why he belongs on our fantasy Team! Some of his Pro Bowl records include:

  • Most Pro Bowl selections: 14
  • Pro Bowl All-Time leader in Receptions: 42
  • Pro Bowl All-Time leader in Touchdowns: 6

Kicker: David Akers

An often overlooked position, anyone who's a football fan knows that kickers can win or lose a game for a team. Akers is definitely a player who has brought his team victories off his foot. Along with an impressive showing in the Pro Bowl Akers definitely makes the cut for our Fantasy Pro Bowl Team. Check out some of his records:

  • Longest Field Goal in Pro Bowl History : 53 yards
  • Points in Pro Bowl History: 57

What’d you think of our Fantasy Pro Bowl Team? Did we miss any players that you felt put on a clinic during their Pro Bowl tenures? What does your Fantasy Pro Bowl team look like?

See Your Favorites at the 2015 Pro Bowl

While some of the players on our list maybe out of the game, there are a few who’re still playing on AND there are even more who may just be starting to show glimpses of Pro Bowl greatness.

Next Jan., be in Arizona to watch as the NFL’s best compete in unconferenced football. Fantasy Football comes to life!

With NFL On Location and QuintEvents Official Ticket Packages this is one fantasy you can make a reality. Official 2015 Pro Bowl Ticket Packages are already available and include:

Gameday Packages>>>

MVP Packages>>>

These exclusive packages come direct from the NFL and give fans access they could only dream of. With invitations to the NFL’s Official Pro Bowl Tailgate and the NFL Official Saturday Night Party, if you elect to get an MVP Package, this is truly a VIP way to witness the NFL’s All-Star game!

Enjoy complimentary beverages, gourmet fare, interactive, fun experiential elements, Official Collectable souvenirs, and even opt in for luxury accommodations and ground transportation so this trip is a breeze to plan!

Visit our website or call 1-877-611-3947 to speak to a representative about planning your 2015 Pro Bowl trip! 

Start My 2015 Pro Bowl Experience!

Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2014 Autograph Session


We’ve all heard the expression, “Can I get your John Hancock?” But what you’re about to read will take this expression to a whole other level. Why? Because you’ll have their signatures. Signatures of the men that you’ll leave the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival with making yourself the instant envy of your friends who couldn’t attend.

So whose signatures might you ask? Select members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2014, of course! Take a look at the enshrinees who you could meet in person and secure autographs from, and learn how you can get this access on Sunday at the 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival in a couple weeks!

The Class of 2014 Autograph Session

derrick brooksDerrick Brooks

Throughout his career, Derrick Brooks recorded a total of 1,715 tackles, 13.5 quarterback sacks, 25 interceptions and seven touchdowns. He competed in 10 straight Pro Bowls, 11 total, and was the Pro Bowl MVP in 2005. Brooks is tied for the most touchdowns scored by a linebacker with Bobby Bell, at six each, and is regarded as one of the best players in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers history!

Read more about Derrick Brooks>>

Claude Humphrey

Drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in 1968, Claude Humphrey has had an impressive career! He has been credited with 122 career sacks, recorded 14.5 sacks in a season to reach a team-high, and led both the Falcons and the Eagles in sacks for nine of his 13 seasons. Humphrey’s earned All-Pro honors and earned first- or second-team All-NFL eight times.

claude humphrey

Read more about Claude Humphrey>>

ray guyRay Guy

Ray Guy began stacking up honors on day one with the Oakland Raiders! He was the first punter to be selected in the first round of an NFL Draft, had a career punting average of 42.4 yards, averaged more than 40 yards for 13 of his 14 seasons, only three of his 1,049 punts have ever been blocked, and he punted 619 straight times without a block!

Read more about Ray Guy>>


Walter Jones

Walter Jones was drafted to the Seattle Seahawks in the first round as the sixth overall pick and played with the Seahawks for 12 seasons. He was the first offensive lineman in Seattle history to be selected for the Pro Bowl, holds the Seahawks record for most All-Star votes with nine, was voted first-team All-Pro six times, and competed in the 2005 NFC Championship game and Super Bowl XL.

water jones

Read more about Walter Jones>>

Andre Reed

Stating that Andre Reed holds a lot of accolades would be an understatement. Reed was selected to the Pro Bowl seven times, was a four-time AFC Champion, boasts 951 total career receptions (10th highest in NFL history), scored 87 touchdowns (11th highest in league history), and competed in four consecutive Super Bowls.

andre reed

Read more about Andre Reed>>

aeneas williamsAeneas Williams

Aeneas Williams competed for both the St. Louis Rams and the Arizona Cardinals. He started in the NFL as a cornerback, but switched to safety with the Rams in his final seasons. Williams has eight Pro Bowl appearances, shares the NFL record for the longest fumble return, competed in the 2001 NFC Championship and Super Bowl XXXVI, and finished his career with 55 interceptions and 807 yards.

Read more about Aeneas Williams>>

**Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, Michael Strahan will be unable to participate in the Class of 2014 Autograph Session.

Get Access to the Class of 2014 Autograph Session

Now that you’ve read a little into the background of the members of the Class of 2014 that will be at the autograph session, it’s time for you to learn how you too can be there! With
Official Platinum Plus Ticket Packages direct from NFL On Location, you can get one-on-one access to these enshrinees at the Class of 2014 Autograph Session!

Additionally with your Platinum Plus package, you’ll receive access to all three day of the
Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival, complete with VIP access and exclusive amenities.

Take a look at what your weekend schedule would look like with a Platinum Plus package>>

So what are you waiting for? Get more information on how you can attend the Class of 2014 Autograph Session at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival by calling 1-877-611-3947 to speak to a representative or visit NFL On Location’s website today.

It’s time for you to meet the Class of 2014!


Go to the Class of 2014 Autograph Session

The Future of the Breeders’ Cup: Location, Location, Location


Breeders Cup Experiences Santa Anita Horse Racing QuintEvents 8The Breeders’ Cup World Championships are branching out in the upcoming years and leaving behind the beautiful Santa Anita Park for a short hiatus. This race course right outside of Los Angeles has been the home to “the richest two days in sports” consecutively since 2012, in addition to the years 1986, 1993, 2003, 2008, and 2009, but it’s finally time to see a new location.

Several weeks ago, the Breeders’ Cup released the schedule of locations for the next three years, stretching the world championships across three unique race courses, in three different cities and two different states.

Take a look at the race courses on the schedule, what they are famous for and learn why this variety of location is a good thing for YOU!

2015 Breeders’ Cup: Keeneland Race Course

Located in Lexington, KY, Keeneland Race Course will be hosting the Breeders’ Cup World Championships for the first time Oct. 30-31, 2015. The track is known to be the center of American Thoroughbred breeding and sales in the greater Lexington area, hence its selection to hold such a large event.

Keeneland will be the first track since Monmouth Park in 2007, to host the Breeders’ Cup apart from Santa Anita Park. The track is already under preparations to accommodate the mecca of horse meets, and is adding more than 7,000 seats including new box seats, dining and hospitality areas. In addition, the reserved seating capacity will be raised to 21,000!

Because of the lack of lights at Keeneland, the race will need to be held during the daytime on the east coast, so the start time of both race days will be earlier than the Breeders’ Cup is used to. However, don’t think for a second the lack of night racing will hinder the impact of the world championship races – the competition and elements of the racing will be stronger than ever!


Get On the Wait List to Attend the 2015 Breeders’ Cup

2016 Breeders’ Cup: Santa Anita Park

In 2016, the Breeders’ Cup will make its return to Santa Anita Park after its one year hiatus. When championship racing makes its debut back at Santa Anita on Nov. 4-5, it will mark the track as the most frequent host venue in the history of the event, surpassing Churchill Downs!

Santa Anita Park has a deep history in hosting the Breeders’ Cup and no doubt the event will be more extravagant than ever when it makes its return in 2016.

Read more about Santa Anita Park and the Breeders’ Cup>>


Get On the Wait List to Attend the 2016 Breeders’ Cup

2017 Breeders’ Cup: Del Mar Racetrack

Breeders Cup Experiences Santa Anita Horse Racing QuintEvents 6On Nov. 3-4, 2017, Del Mar Racetrack will see the Breeders’ Cup World Championships for the first time. The track, located north of San Diego, has been in the process of rennovating to make it larger and more compatible for large meets such as the Breeders’ Cup.

Just recently in 2013, Del Mar widened its turf course to accommodate more in the gate, and the Polytrack synthetic surface was replaced with dirt just this summer. Combine this news with the recent close of Hollywood Park, and Del Mar as a Breeders’ Cup host track was a no-brainer!

Del Mar also plans to construct temporary seating closer to the date of the 2017 Breeders’ Cup, offering luxury suites and box seats in an area west of the main grandstand.


Get On the Wait List to Attend the 2017 Breeders’ Cup

Location is Key!

So why all the sudden decisions to rotate the site location of the Breeders’ Cup World Championships? Well, it’s simple really. The Breeders’ Cup consulted with leading owners, trainers, breeders, and stallion farms around the country in order to make the decision. It was decided that it's important to visit different sites, under different conditions, different race lengths, and different weather conditions.

But not only is this a fantastic decision for those involved in the races, but it’s also great news for spectators and horse racing fans! The future Breeders’ Cup will each be unique keeping the audience on its toes, and with locations across the country, spectators from different areas have a chance to see racing LIVE without traveling far!

Attend the 2014 Breeders’ Cup at Santa Anita Park

Breeders Cup Experiences Santa Anita Fans QuintEvents 1While all this talk of the future Breeders’ Cups can’t help but excite fans for the debuts at Keeneland and Del Mar, you can’t help but also get pumped for the 2014 Breeders’ Cup at Santa Anita Park!

Scheduled for Oct. 31-Nov. 1, the 2014 Breeders’ Cup will take Santa Anita by storm, leaving its mark before its break from the track. With
Official Ticket Packages direct from the Breeders’ Cup, you can have prime seats in the stands to watch the championships races, access to an exclusive in-track hospitality area complete with open beverage and menu selections, and plenty of additional VIP amenities such as official gift bags, luxurious accommodations and transportation.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to attend the Breeders’ Cup, so why not check it off your bucket list now? Get more information on how you can attend the 2014 Breeders’ Cup at Santa Anita by calling 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a Breeders’ Cup Experiences representative or by visiting
QuintEvents website today.

“The Best is Yet to Come!”


Get Info on Attending the 2014 Breeders’ Cup

Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtags #BC14 and #BCVIP!

What to Wear to the NFL International Series in London


NFL On Location NFL International Series Game (1)Believe it or not, folks, we’re already halfway through summer! Fall will be here in the blink of an eye, and with the fall comes the
2014 NFL International Series in London!

But how do you dress for fall in London? What’s the weather going to be like? How do you combine your best team attire with dressing for the elements?

Not to worry! Keep on reading for a breakdown on the average weather conditions in London around the time of each of the three games, and for our advice on what to wear!

It Looks Like Shade and Rain.

Oakland Raiders vs Miami Dolphins: Sept. 28
Average Weather Conditions:Temperatures in London during Sept. range from the low 50s to the high 60s. It rains an average of 15 days during the month and the average cloud cover is 68 percent.

Atlanta Falcons vs Detroit Lions: Oct. 26
Average Weather Conditions: The average temperature in London during Oct. is in the 50s. It rains an average amount of 15 days and the cloud cover is about 76 percent.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Dallas Cowboys: Nov. 9
Average Weather Conditions: Temperatures range from the 40s to the 50s with an average rainfall of 17 days. Cloud cover is around 76 percent during the month.

3 Items to Wear to the NFL International Games

1. Your Team Jersey

Rain or shine, cold or warm, you can't attend the NFL International Games without wearing a jersey to rep for your favorite team. Since they're competing on international soil, they need to see all their fans supporting them up in the stands! Wearing your favorite player's jersey is the perfect way to show your support.

Don't have a team jersey? No worries, a team t-shirt or hoodie (if you're prone to get chilly) gets the job done!

2. Warm Gear

Now, depending on which game you attend, this one is a biggie. In Sept., London will be chilly, so while you might not need to go all out with warm gear, it might be wise to wear a long sleeved shirt underneath your team's jersey or t-shirt in case you get chilly easily. Warm-blooded? Maybe pack a wind-breaker or hoodie in your teams' colors to bring along... you know. Just in case.

On the other hand, if you're attending the games in Oct. or Nov., it's time to bundle up! After all, the last thing you want is to freeze your buns off at the big game, right? It's time to plan in advance and invest in an under amor shirt, a team fleece or a heavy jacket. You can always throw on your jersey over these items and they'll keep you warm during all four quarters. Aim to keep your wardrobe in your teams' colors or grab items with their logos on so you're still showing your team spirit.

Looking for even more warm gear to rep for your team? Visit the team store to find scarfs, gloves, beanies, long socks, and much more.

3. A Poncho

As much as you don't want to hear it, rain is a consistent feature in London. While the rainfall makes the game more difficult and therefore more interesting to watch, it makes it a little less enjoyable for fans. That is, if you're not prepared. Be sure to pack a poncho or rain jacket so if you're in an uncovered area of Wembley Stadium you aren't getting soaked should the weather forecast call for showers. The last thing you want to happen is for you to be soaked in the late fall months in London.

Bonus No. Four

Regardless of if the weather cooperates or not for the games, it's important to remember that you're at the 2014 NFL International Series and that's a big deal! So go all out! Paint your face! Dress yourself up in every piece of team gear or team colors you can find. Rock a foam finger! Make signs! Bring team blankets! Go all out, folks! 

It's not every year that your team gets a chance to show their stuff on the other side of the pond, and it's definitely not every year that you get to be there to watch them compete LIVE! It's time to go all in at Wembley Stadium and create the memories that will last a lifetime! 

Pack Your Bags for London...

describe the imageBecause you're going to the
2014 NFL International Series! If you've already secured your spot at Wembley for the NFL International Series, bravo! You're one step ahead of the game! If you haven't already, don't fret! There's still time to secure your spot in the stands and plan your trip.

With Official Ticket Packages direct from NFL On Location, you can get tickets to some of the best seats in the stands with unbelievable unobstructed views and access to an exclusive hospitality venue complete with complimentary beer, wine, soft drinks, and food! Not to mention, luxurious accommodations in London and transportation to and from all official NFL events are also included. You can even opt to get an invite to the Official NFL Friday Night Kickoff Party!

Learn more about how you can attend the NFL International Series in London by calling 1-866-834-8663 or visit QuintEvents website for more information.


Get Info on the NFL International Series

The #1 Mistake You’ll Make Getting Your 2015 Super Bowl Tickets


As an Official Partner of the NFL, QuintEvents and NFL On Location know a thing or two about how to make a Super Bowl experience unforgettable. After almost 10 years of being an Official Ticket Package Provider, we’re here to tell you the #1 mistake you can make getting your 2015 Super Bowl Tickets.



You know that old saying “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today?” Well, it’s totally true in this situation. I know it feels like the big game is months and months away. I mean, pre-season hasn’t even started, but trust us, this is one of those things that you definitely don’t want to put on the back burner.

If you’re still not sure you want to start planning for something so far away, read on to see some of the pitfalls that comes with waiting to book your 2015 Super Bowl tickets.

Subject to the Market

To call a ticket to the Super Bowl a “hot item” is the understatement of the century. It’s one of the most sought after tickets in all of sports and unless you win yours through a team lottery, you’re going to be paying A LOT.

Researching early on will ensure that you lock in the best prices. Waiting until later in the season means subjecting yourself to the market. Folks putting tickets on the secondary market set prices based on nothing. It’s all arbitrary.

By purchasing early with an NFL On Location Official Ticket Package you know your tickets are direct from the NFL, guaranteed, and the pricing is set and fair. Of course, these packages won’t last forever, so booking them early ensures you secure your spot at the game!

Accommodations availability

As you probably remember from Super Bowl XLVIII, the New York, New Jersey metro area was barely able to handle the influx of fans entering the city for last year’s game. Arizona is not different.

Just this week published:

“While more than half a year remains before Super Bowl kickoff, visiting fans hastily planning their trip to Arizona will find plenty of cheap hotels near University of Phoenix Stadium, but will struggle to find much more.”

According to Forbes, almost all three-star hotels and above are booked for Super Bowl Weekend. Why would a fan spend top dollar on a 2015 Super Bowl only to stay at a dingy motel?

With Official 2015 Super Bowl Ticket Packages, you can bundle luxury accommodations. That means staying at a luxury hotel close to the Super Bowl without the hassle of planning or looking for accommodations!

More time to plan

By booking early you also have plenty of time to plan your itinerary. Think about it, the best restaurants and shows in town will be all filled up as the months draw nearer to the 2015 Super Bowl. However, by securing your tickets and accommodations early, you’ll have plenty of time to research what you and your group would love to do in Arizona.

Once you’ve got a master list of to-do’s call ahead for reservations, or book tickets to plays and shows and have your Super Bowl weekend all planned out!

Corporate or Large Groups

If you’re using the 2015 Super Bowl as an outing for your group or corporation NFL On Location offers concierge services which will book private rooms and group reservations as part of your experience!

Convenient Payment Options

A final huge perk of booking early are the payment terms available. As of today the terms are:

1/3 due at signing
1/3 due Aug. 15, 2014
1/3 due Nov. 15, 2014

As we get closer to Feb. 1, 2015, the dates will be updated with new terms which, while convenient, won’t be the terms that are available to early purchasers!

Get Tickets Today

NFL On Location’s Official 2015 Super Bowl Ticket Packages offer different levels and pricing to fit every budget. What’s even better, is because you’re booking directly through the NFL your package will include extras that you won’t get anywhere else.

Of course you’ll get a ticket to the game (seating location depends on the package) and you can opt in for luxury accommodations, but you also receive:

  • Merchandise coupons or an Official 2015 Super Bowl Gift Bag brimming with goodies
  • Dedicated security entrance to the stadium
  • Exclusive Stadium Collection Game Program Voucher
  • Super Bowl Game Day Hospitality*

*Open three hours pregame with gourmet food buffets, premium bar options and NFL Player and Cheerleader meet-and-greets

SB Collage

Depending on the package you can even get to experience what the winning team does as we offer post-game on field photo opportunities. That’s right, book early to secure a high level package that will get you on the field with the confetti around you.

So, what’re you waiting for? Book early and get all of these amazing perks. Will we be seeing you in Arizona? 


I Want to Book My Super Bowl XLIX Trip Early!

Share Your Alma Mater with the Family at the College Football Playoff


College Football National Championship White E PackageRemember your college days? Those sure were the glory days, weren't they? The days of working hard and playing even harder. The days of staying out late, skipping classes and pulling all-nighters to study for that test or to get homework in on time. The days of attending college football games and throwing down at the tailgates with all your friends. Wouldn’t it be great to relive all that?

Well, maybe not all of that. I’m doubtful that many would raise their hands to repeat the days of all-nighters on a nine to five work schedule with families. But what about those glory college football game days? Everyone knows once you graduate college, you still support your alma mater! And now, ladies and gents, is the time show your team support more than ever.

Why you ask? Because the 2015 College Football Playoff is just around the corner and your college football team might just be one of the qualifying teams! Sure, you might be past the days of outrageous tailgates and fraternity parties, but that doesn’t mean the experience has to be any less exciting now that you're grown-up!

This year, at the first-ever College Football Playoff, you and your family can have the ultimate game day experience with Playoff Premium Packages!

Keep on reading for a glimpse as to what you and your family’s experience supporting your college team could be like at the College Football Playoff National Championship!

The Game Day Experience

College Football National Championship Gold PackagesWith Official Playoff Premium Ticket Packages, your game day experience starts at the tailgate. You’ll have access to an exclusive hospitality venue open three hours pregame, and inside you’ll find a premium menu and a top-shelf open bar awaiting you.

Collegiate football legends will also be making appearances throughout the tailgate to meet-and-greet with fans, sign autographs and take pictures. Interactive entertainment elements will also be incorporated throughout the tailgate so you and the kiddos can get involved in all the fun!

Then, when hospitality closes, it’s game time! Each package grants you and your family prime seats with unobstructed views of the field (the level of the stadium you're seated in depends upon the package you select). And if you select the top-tiered package, you’ll even be able to enter the field postgame to take pictures and bask in the celebration that just took place when the championship trophy was awarded. Oh yes, you have that much access!

The VIP Amenities

College Football Premium PackageHaving an Official Package just wouldn’t be right without having VIP amenities also included. With College Football Playoff National Championship packages, you’ll receive the following goodies:

  • Official College Football Playoff Gift Bag 
  • Exclusive Stadium Collection Game Program Voucher
  • Souvenir College Football Playoff Lanyard with Ticket Sleeve
  • Preferred Playoff Premium Stadium Parking (parking fees not included)

Celebrate Your Alma Mater with Your Family at the College Football Playoff National Championship!

Sure, you don’t know for certain if your college is in yet, but you don’t want to risk the chance of missing their biggest performance of the year LIVE do you? Get more information on how you and your family can be a part of your college’s big day with Playoff Premium ticket packages!

2011 Cotton Bowl   LSU v Texas A&M 1 7 11 (1) CROPPED v2

Call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a Playoff Premium representative or visit QuintEvents website today! It's time to secure you and your family's spots at the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship!


Be at the College Football Playoff National Championship!

How to Make Your Friends Jealous on 2015 Pro Bowl Gameday


PB LogoIt’s fantasy football come to life! Anyone who tuned into the
2014 Pro Bowl knows that the new “Unconferenced” setup of the NFL’s “All-Star” game has made for the most fun Pro Bowl EVER!

Now, with the announcement of the 2015 Pro Bowl and
Super Bowl XLIX set just a week apart in sunny Arizona, football fans are chomping at the bit to be there. Fortunately, with NFL On Location you can cross both of these world class events off your bucket list!

However, let’s get to the question at hand: How DO you make your friends jealous on 2015 Pro Bowl Gameday?! It’s a simple solution really:

2015 Pro Bowl: Gameday Packages

Read on to see how this Official Ticket Package will be sure to make your friends green with envy and give you bragging rights until the next Pro Bowl!

The Ultimate Tailgate

We’re not talking frozen burgers and hot dogs on the grill either. Make your friends jealous by getting an invite to the Official NFL Pro Bowl Tailgate Party! That’s right, you can party with the NFL!

PB Tailgate

Open a full three hours pregame, this luxury venue is located right within the University of Phoenix Stadium’s Campus. Once inside all kinds of fun await! With select gourmet menu items, this is a football foodie’s dream!

Also, what’s a tailgate without a few adult beverages? Enjoy beer, wine and soft drink options at the bar, and while you’re hanging out immerse yourself in the interactive entertainment elements around you! This is one tailgate you won't soon forget. 

Golden Ticket

Okay, there’s no WAY you were going to gameday without going to the actual game! So of course, your Official 2015 Pro Bowl Gameday Package comes standard with an upper level sideline seat to the game.

PB Game

Want to get a little closer to the action? Lower Level sideline seating and club seating options are available for an upgrade fee. It’s your Pro Bowl, experience it from where you want!

VIP Extras

What’s really going to take the jelly out of your friends’ donuts, are all the VIP extras you’ll receive as part of your package!

You’ll receive an Official Pro Bowl Collectable Pin and an Official Pro Bowl Gift Bag brimming with merchandise and goodies to show off when you get back home  and to help you remember your amazing experience.

You will also have NFL On Location Signature Service Staff on-site to assist throughout your experience, ensuring that your gameday experience is the best one ever!

Be There

So now that you have a foolproof way to get your friends jealous at the 2015 Pro Bowl, what’re you waiting for? For Arizonians, this is the perfect package as you can experience this amazing event right in your own backyard.

For folks coming from out of town, opt for luxury accommodations and extras such as entrance to an Official NFL Saturday Night Party, and ground transportation with our MVP Package. With luxury accommodations and on-site transport provided for, your trip to the 2015 Pro Bowl is a hassle-free, no-brainer!


Book My MVP Package to the 2015 Pro Bowl!


Does your favorite player have what it takes to make it to next year’s Pro Bowl? Who would you like to see in Arizona this year? Share in the comments below!


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Everything You Don't Know About Santa Anita Park


Breeders Cup Experiences Santa Anita Horse Racing QuintEvents 1Some of you may know Santa Anita Park as one of California’s premiere horse racing tracks. Others may know it as the home to the
Breeders’ Cup World Championships, at least for the past couple years. But what about the track’s history? How did Santa Anita become the host for the world championship in horse racing? How did the track’s history evolve?

These questions and many more are what we’re about to break down for you. Keep on reading to learn how Santa Anita Park has become the prestigious, glorified racing temple we know it as today!

Let’s Flashback.

Located just outside Los Angeles with the San Gabriel Mountains as a backdrop, Santa Anita Park has never been short of beauty. It was originally built as part of Rancho Santa Anita, but it was closed in 1909 and burned in 1912. It reopened as Santa Anita Park on Christmas Day in 1934, becoming the first racetrack in California.

Breeders Cup Experiences Santa Anita Horse Racing QuintEvents 6In Feb. of the following year, the race that Santa Anita is known for, the Santa Anita Handicap, was run for the first time awarding $100,000 in purse money. This was the largest amount that any race in the United States had produced at the time, and was just the beginning of the glitz and glamour pouring into the park.

The high purse money and prime location brought in A-list celebrities from all over to see the races.

Santa Anita was seeing its growth continue to rise well into the year of 1940, when Seabiscuit raced his final race and won the Santa Anita Handicap. However, this growth was hindered when racing at the track was suspended due to the Second World War. During WWII, the park was used as a Japanese American internment center with 17,000 people living in the stables.

When the war was finally over and the park reopened in 1945, it immediately climbed back to where it was. This was also when the downhill turf course was added, introducing a distinct European flair to the southern California track.

Breeders Cup Experiences Santa Anita Horse Starting Gates QuintEventsIt was around this time that the track became the site for major Hollywood films as well. A Day at the Races and The Story of Seabiscuit were both filmed at the track, and because of Seabiscuit’s miraculous performance in the Handicap and the success of the film, Santa Anita Park added a bronze statue of the race horse in the walking ring.

The prosperity at Santa Anita Park only continued to grow as the track began hosting more and more Grade Stakes races and Breeders’ Cup qualifiers, and the attendance for races sky-rocketed. In 2000, Santa Anita Park was named one of America’s “Most Endangered Historic Places,” and by 2006, the track was announced eligible to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The Facts.

  • Santa Anita Park houses three tracks – a mile long dirt track, a 9/10 of a mile long turf course and a 6 ½ furlongs long hillside turf course
  • Santa Anita Park stretches across 320 acres
  • The grandstand is a historic landmark itself and houses 26,000 guests and is 1,100 feet long
  • The infield can house 50,000 or more guests
  • The park boasts 61 barns and can house more than 2,000 horses
  • Horse Racing TV, a 24-hour TV network dedicated to horse racing, broadcasts live from Santa Anita
  • The city of Arcadia recently tore down the barns that were used as barracks in WWII to house Japanese Americans
  • The track hosts Grade I, Grade II, Grade III, and ungraded stakes races
  • Santa Anita was home to the equestrian events at the 1984 Olympic Games
  • The track has been the home to the Breeders’ Cup World Championships the years of 1986, 1993,2003, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, and is hosting them again this year 
  • Santa Anita Park has already received the bid to have the Breeders’ Cup return to the track again in 2016

Visit Santa Anita Park for the 2014 Breeders’ Cup

Breeders Cup Experiences Santa Anita Horse Racing QuintEvents 2Now that you know why Santa Anita Park is so dear to southern California and horse racing fans across the world, it’s time for you to see its historic beauty in person! With Official Ticket Packages direct from the Breeders’ Cup, you can attend the
2014 Breeders’ Cup World Championships from some of the best seats in the stands with exclusive in-track hospitality access and VIP amenities!

With 13 World Championship races and some of the highest purses in horse racing waiting, you don’t want to miss the 2014 Breeders’ Cup! Get more information on how you can attend by visiting QuintEvents website or by calling 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a representative.

Santa Anita is calling? Will you answer?


Visit Santa Anita for the Breeders' Cup! 

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