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Matt Cullen

matt cullen quintevents

Matt Cullen is originally from Chapel Hill, NC. He studied Marketing and Professional Golf Management at Florida State University and received his MBA in Sports Marketing and Management from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In his spare time he enjoys playing golf, attending sporting events, and is an avid Florida State football fan. Matt and his wife Carlie were recently blessed with their first son, Carson.

Jaclyn Harris

jaclyn harris quintevents resized 250Jaclyn Harris is originally from Fallbrook, California. She earned her B.A. in Communications Studies and was a recipient of the Epley Certificate in International Public Relations from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She studied abroad in London at the University of Westminster to complete her minor in Journalism. Jaclyn is obsessed with her pup, Isabella, is an avid runner, has a passion for all things sports, and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Rory Harris

matt cullen quintevents

Born and raised a Hoosier, Rory left her Indiana hometown to attend college in Texas at Abilene Christian University. While at ACU, she earned a B.A. in English and was a part of Sigma Theta Chi Women's Social Club. She graduated in August 2014 and has since relocated to Charlotte. In her spare time, she enjoys jogging, laughing with friends, road trips, and any time she can get on the dance floor. 

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What to Bring to the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend


The 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend will be here in the blink of an eye! You are going to want to prepare yourselves for NBA celebrities, contests and basketball galore!

It can be difficult to know exactly how to prepare for such a big event, so we are going to help you out. Here is a list of items to pack to make your NBA All-Star Weekend the best ever!

What to Pack

Ticket and Hospitality Badge

You will not want to forget the one item which will give you access to game itself! And if you purchased an Official Ticket Package, you certainly don’t want to forget your ticket into your VIP hospitality venue.


This should go without saying but bringing your ID everywhere is not just a good rule of thumb. If you are interested in purchasing any alcohol over the weekend or enjoy the complimentary beverages in hospitality, especially at the Madison Square Garden Arena itself, you are going to want to have your ID ready. If you do not have a valid driver’s license readily available, you can use a passport or a military ID. 

560130 545280495505191 21352543 nPhone/Camera 

This is crucial, people. With all of the celebrities, entertainment and excitement of the NBA All-Star Game, you will regret not having a phone or camera to capture the all of the moments you are not going to want to forget. Also, how will you be able to make all your friends at home jealous if you don’t have a phone to post all your envy-inducing pics to social media?

However, you need to be careful what kind of camera you bring, if you choose to do so. The Madison Square Garden Arena prohibits the use of video cameras, monopods, tripods, audio recording devises or cameras with large professional telephoto or zoom lenses.

Your Appetite

The arena is full of great spots to grab a few snacks, including the NBA-Events exclusive hospitality area, throughout all of the weekend festivities!

If you have access to one of NBA-Events’ Official in-arena Hospitality Venues, you will have access to a delicious, gourmet buffet to satiate you before you sit down for the Sunday game.

Darryl Dawkins (2)Memorabilia to Have Signed

As one of the most star-studded sporting events of the year, you must have something ready at a moment’s notice for any autographs at the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend!

If you are an NBA-Events VIP, you will get to attend NBA legend meet-and-greets, and you will want to have your memorabilia ready for any and all NBA star sightings!


The Chase Store, located within the MSG, is open on Friday and Saturday of the NBA All-Star Weekend from 10 to 7 a.m., as well as on Sunday from 12 to 6 p.m. If you want to grab a t-shirt or a souvenir to remember the event by, you will want to have some cash on hand!

There are ATMs located throughout the venue. There is an ATM inside the box office lobby next to the second window, as well as several in the arena itself on the sixth, seventh and ninth level. There are two ATMs on the Third Floor Club Terrace by the escalators, as well.

A Winter Coat

Considering it is a New York City weekend in Feb., our guess is it is going to be a cold one. If you plan on spending time outside in the city, be sure to bundle up!

A Bag

You are going to most likely need something to place all of the above listed items in. However, according to the Madison Square Garden Arena rules, you must bring a bag that can fit comfortably underneath your seat. There is no area to check bags so make sure your bag is of appropriate size.  

NBA-All-Star-Game-QuintEventsYour Voice!

With all of the cheering that will definitely take place, you are going to want to come with your voice. No promises that you will leave with it, though!

What NOT to Bring

The following items are prohibited at the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend:


- Outside Alcoholic Beverages

-Weapons of any kind

-Pets (unless it is a service animal)

-Outside food and beverages, including water

-Laser pointers



Up Your Experience at the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend!

The 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend is one of the biggest professional sporting events of the year. If you want an all-inclusive experience, NBA-Events offers exclusive Official Ticket Packages to make your trip to the NBA All-Star Game the best possible!

With NBA-Events VIP experiences, you can attend meet-and-greets with NBA legends, have post-game on-court access, as well as access to a delicious, gourmet buffet and premium open bar.


Check Out How You Can Become a VIP! 

The Perfect Employee Reward: 2015 NFL International Series Tickets


Employee reward and incentive programs are only continuing to change, and rightfully so. The days of catalog programs and the same incentives used to motivate each employee are long gone. The age of unique and creative employee rewards are upon us. Rather than saying "great job" to your team and awarding them each a random item they probably could careless about, rewards are now customizable. In turn, you're not only rewarding your employees, but you're motivating them to continue to work hard for your company's bottom line.

blue presents resized 600But, what if you're not the creative type? How are you ever to going to find the perfect employee reward to reward and motivate your employees this year? 

Afterall, you want to reward your employees with something they're truly going to treasure. Something they're going to appreciate and never forget. Something that is going to make them want to turn around and share with friends and family how incredibly thoughtful their boss is and how much they love the company they work for.

That's the point of creating rewards and incentives for your team, right? To make them feel like an important part of the company and to make them want to stay with your company for the foreseeable future, correct?

Luckily, with QuintEvents' corporate experiences, you don't need to have to have a creative bone in your body! We have the absolute perfect employee reward!

Say 'hello' to Official Ticket Packages to the 2015 NFL International Series!

I can invision the shock on your face! You never imagined giving your team the gift of an experience! It never even crossed your mind that sending your team on a trip would be the perfect incentive! You would have never thought of rewarding your employees with a trip to London! 

NFL On Location NFL International Series London 3 resized 600

BUT, now that you're thinking about it, you're thinking it would be pretty awesome, right? Just picture it! The astonished look on your teams' faces when you tell them they're all going to London to see their favorite NFL teams compete this fall! The excited faces when you tell them how proud you are of their individual and team accomplishments this past year, and that you want to celebrate all the hard work they put at the company. Can't you see it? The sheer and utter excitement?!

If that picture alone doesn't convince you the 2015 NFL International Series is the perfect reward and motivator for your team, then these next three reasons will!

1. A Reward and a Motivator Combined into One

Now, I've already touched on this factor some, so I'm not going to spend a lot of time here. However, one of the most fantastic features about the 2015 NFL International Series is you can use the trip as a reward and a motivator. If you tell your employees in the near future about their trip, you're rewarding them for all the hard work they have put in.

NFL On Location NFL International Series Game resized 600At the same time, the three NFL International Series games to be played at Wembley Stadium are not until this fall. Therefore, you're going to be continuing to motivate your team to work even harder with this epic trip on the horizon! 

You're recognizing them for their success in the company, but you're also giving them something to strive for and you're encouraging them to continue working harder. What incentive program could be better than that?

2. Three Time Frames and Games to Select From

Another great feature of this employee reward is the fact there are three games to choose from. Therefore, you can make the decision to either have your employees vote on the game they want to attend and then all go together as a group (team bonding opportunity!), OR you can send them each to the game of their choice.

These are the dates and match-ups taking the field at historic Wembley Stadium this fall:

  • Oct. 4: Miami Dolphins will host the New York Jets
  • Oct. 25: Jacksonville Jaguars will host the Buffalo Bills
  • Nov. 1: Kansas City Chiefs will host the Detroit Lions

3. Group Seating and Block Hotel Stays

The worst thing you could do rewarding your employees with a trip? Giving them an activity, but then telling them they have to make their own travel arrangements and accomodations.

Wait, I can go one further. The absolute worst thing you could do is send them all on a trip and then don't seat them together. Not only would they have to pay out of pocket for accommodations and transportation, but they might not even be sitting with their friends and co-workers! NOT an ideal employee reward.

Luckily, through QuintEvents and NFL On Location's Official Ticket Packages to the 2015 NFL International Series, you can rest easy knowing block hotel stays, provided for transportation to all official events and group seating will all be included! Whew! Crisis averted!

The Budget Factor

bag of money resized 600Now, for all you managers that are going to have to turn around and talk to your CEO or CFO about this grand idea, I know what you're now worried about: budget.

Cue your sigh of relief right now because we understand you have a set budget for your employee rewards and incentives, which is why we have multiple levels of packages available. This allows you to find the perfect reward at your price point without exceeding your budget.

Not to mention, we provide easy payment terms allowing groups to pay over a period of time leading up to an event instead of all up front.

Time to Set-Up Your Incentive Trip to London!

So what are you waiting for? It's time to take the next step in creating your 2015 employee incentive trip to London for the NFL International Series!

Although Official Ticket Packages have not been released, NFL On Location representatives can supply you with more information regarding what will be included and can give you sample prices now.

Call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to an NFL On Location rep or fill-out the form on QuintEvents' website to be added to the Quick Call Back List by clicking the button below.

We can't wait to see you all in London!



Official 2015 Pro Bowl Teams Released!


Once a year, the NFL takes it back to the days of picking teams in gym class, except with the biggest, most talented group of football players in the United States. Sounds fun, right? It was!

The 2015 Pro Bowl Draft was held on Wednesday night, Jan. 21, at the luxurious Biltmore Resort in Arizona. The two hour event aired on the NFL Network and was held on a bright stage, with the two captains decked out in highlighter-colored shirts, laughing all the way.

The captains of the 2015 Pro Bowl teams, drafting the best players for their perspective team, were former Cowboys’ wide receiver and ESPN broadcaster, Michael Irvin, and fellow former NFL wide receiver, Cris Carter.

It was a boys’ night at the Biltmore and everyone was loving it.

The Captains of Arizona

2015 Pro Bowl Captains Announced Cris Cater Michael IrvinThe draft was a fun affair, with Carter and Irvin both decked out in attention-grabbing outfits: Carter in neon yellow and Irvin in bright orange.

The two captains, along with their player captains,  conducted the draft in front of an excited crowd of hundreds of football fans, while many more fans waited outside around the building outside, hoping to get in to see the unique NFL event for themselves.

The four player captains for the 2015 Pro Bowl were picked by Irvin and Carter.  They were announced as Steelers wide receiver, Antonio Brown; Texans defensive end, JJ Watt; Brown’s cornerback, Joe Haden; and Cowboy’s running-back, DeMarco Murray.

Brown and Watt combined to help pick players for Team Carter, while Murray and Haden assisted Irvin for Team Irvin for the 2015 Pro Bowl.

During the second day of the Draft, Team Irvin and Team Carter picked some of the NFL mainstays like Andrew Luck, Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. As always, there were a few shoo-ins missing from their teams, due to teams and players’ preparation for the Super Bowl the following weekend.

This is only the second year the Pro Bowl has done away with the AFC. vs. NFC format and implemented a new concept of the teams having captains, in an "unconferenced" Pro Bowl. 

First Picks

QuintEvents NFL On Location Pro Bowl Baltimore Ravens Player Celebrating TouchdownNot a huge surprise, but the Colts’ quarterback, Andrew Luck, went first at the Pro Bowl Draft for Team Carter. Irvin picked Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback, Tony Romo, for his team, making Romo the second pick of the NFL Pro-Bowl Draft.

The two teams then continued to pick their wide receivers, with Team Carter choosing the Cincinnati Bengal’s receiver, A.J. Green, while Team Irvin went with the New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr.

Irvin and Carter veered off from one another, then, with one choosing a running back, while the other picked a defensive tackle. Team Carter picked the Kansas City Chiefs’ Jamaal Charles, and Irvin used his 6th pick for the Dallas Cowboys’ defensive tackle, Tyron Smith.  

The Pro Bowl will take place on Jan. 25, at 8 p.m. in Glendale, Arizona, at the University of Phoenix Stadium, the site of the Super Bowl XLIX.

The 2015 Pro Bowl Teams

The final picks and rosters were announced last night on the NFL Network.

Here is the final, official breakdown of both teams:

Team Irvin

Team Irvin for real

Team Carter

Carter 4

Be There!

It’s not too late to have a VIP experience at the 2015 Pro Bowl! NFL On Location offers Official Ticket Packages which feature exclusive insider extras and the option of accommodations at nearby hotels for the big event!

With Official Ticket Packages, you will have access to the exclusive Hospitality Party Venue, get to attend NFL player and cheerleader meet-and-greets and even have the option of block seating for big parties or corporate events!

The unique NFL staple that is the Pro Bowl is an event not to miss! You can still watch the best of the NFL face-off in a bowl game leading up to the Super Bowl XLIX. 

Experience the Pro Bowl! 

Predictions for Super Bowl 2015: Patriots vs Seahawks


Folks, the biggest day in sports is finally upon us! The 2015 Super Bowl is coming with two contenders equally worthy of victory: the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks!

Reviewing the AFC and NFC Championship Games

Super-Bowl-NFL-On-Location-QuintEventsThere's been plenty of talk post-AFC/NFC Championship regarding these two teams being Super Bowl bound. Rumors have been shared regarding the Patriots' "DeflateGate," but think what you want surrounding this topic, New England defeated Indianapolis 45-7... it wasn't exactly a close game regardless. Tom Brady threw for 226 yards and three touchdowns, and the Patriots' defense held Andrew Luck to 12-of-33 passing for only 126 yards, two interceptions and no TDs. 

As for the Seahawks match-up with the Packers, the game was almost a travesty for Seattle. The Seahawks ended the 2014 regular season with six consecutive victories of 10 or more points, but things with Green Bay were different. The Packers scored 22 points against the Seahawks defense; that's more than the team has allowed since Week 11. With 2:09 left in the game, Seattle managed the bring the score to a tie and then tasted sweet, sweet victory with a score in overtime.

Clearly, both the Patriots and the Seahawks were some of the strongest teams in the NFL this season. With Brady leading the Pats, New England's offense is a force to be reckoned with and was one of the best in the regular season. Seattle's defense has been completely dominant in the league for the past two years and surrendered the fewest amount of total points in the regular season. 

Super Bowl XLIX Match-Up

So who will win the game of all games? Who will be deemed "best in the NFL" on Feb. 1? Will it be the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks?

Anthony Riccobono from the International Business Times stated, "This year's Super Bowl might be one of the most difficult to predict in the game's 49-year history."

And it's not hard to see why. Brady has 20 postseason wins, 49 playoff TD passes and the most passing yards in playoff history. He bides his time well and has tight end Rob Gronkowski on the other end. Compared to other TE's, Gronk is on a different level with 1,124 receiving yards and 12 TDs. With that being said, however, Seattle has a way of destroying a passing game. The Patriots will need to look for a strong rushing attack.

Super-Bowl-Tickets-NFL-On-Location-QuintEventsSeattle has given up more than 100 rushing yards in their four losses, which is how Green Bay controlled the NFC Championship game. If the Patriots follow in suit and focus on turning to LeGarrette Blount, who annihilated the Colts with 148 rushing yards and three TDs, they might have just found the Seahawks' kryptonite.

With all that being said, you can't count out Seattle's offensive game. Russell Wilson seems to have no problem hitting his wide-outs and the Seahawks rushing game is strong. Between Wilson with 849 rush yards and six TDs, and Marshawn Lynch with 1,306 rushing yards and 13 TDs, the elements are there.

New England is not new to countering a rushing game, however, and doesn't have a problem keeping their corners on islands to prevent the attack. 

So, which is the better team?

The Deal Breaker and, Ultimately, the Prediction

To the untrained eye, this game can go either way. However, I am predicting back-to-back Super Bowl victories for the Seattle Seahawks.

Both teams have great offense, and what this game is going to come down to is which defense can prevent more scores. Wilson is talented enough to go neck-in-neck with Brady, but Seattle's defensive is so strong, I think they'll put enough stops out there to prevent New England from finding the end zone.

What do you think? Who do you think will win? Do you think it's true that defense wins championships? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

There's Still Time to Watch LIVE From Arizona!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to attend the Super Bowl LIVE? This is the year you can find out! With NFL On Location and QuintEvents' Official Ticket Packages to Super Bowl XLIX, unbelievable access is waiting on you to snatch it up!

Official Ticket Packages include a variety of VIP amenities such as access to an exclusive hospitality area where you'll find complimentary gourmet fare, premium open bars, NFL player and cheerleader meet-and-greets, and much more. You could even garner access to take the field in celebration after the 2015 Super Bowl Champions are named!

Touchdown Club Special resized 600

Sound like the kind of VIP experience you're looking for? Then what are you waiting for? The Super Bowl is only getting closer. Call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to an NFL On Location representative or visit QuintEvents' website by clicking the button below to get more information.


Get More Info on Super Bowl Package Options!

Be sure to join the conversation on social media using the hashtags #NFLVIP and #SB49!


Finalists for Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2015 Revealed!


The 18 finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2015 are in!

The finalists are made up of 15 Modern-Era players and coaches, including one senior finalist and two contributor finalists.  

Pro-Football-HOF-bustsThe First-Timers

There were several first year finalists including the deceased Junior Seau, Kurt Warner and Orlando Pace. This is the first year all three were eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Seau played 20 seasons in the NFL and won Defensive Player of the Year in 1992, as well as played in the Pro Bowl 12 times. If he is selected as an enshrinee for the Class of 2015, he will be the 22nd player to be elected in posthumously.

If selected, Warner would be the first quarterback to be selected since 2006, when Troy Aikman and Warren Moon were elected in. As a two-time MVP, including the year he led the Rams to the Superbowl, our guess is he has a decent shot. 

A few other first-time finalists are Terrell Davis and Jimmy Johnson.

The Best of the Best 

HOF-Gold-Jacket-CeremonyThe Pro Football Hall of Fame only takes the best of the NFL, and the process for choosing the acclaimed enshrinees is extensive.

For finalists to be selected as enshrinees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s 2015 class, the candidates must receive a minimum of an 80 percent positive vote. 

The Official Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee is made up of 46 members. To select the nominees, the committee participates in year-long, detailed process.

To be eligible, the players and coaches must have last played or coached more than five seasons ago. 

The finalists are chosen by the selection committee from a list of 113 nominees, and they are then narrowed down to 26 semi-finalists during the year-long process. The official class of enshrinees will be announced on Jan. 31. 

Several coaches are finalists for the 2015 class this year, including the much-loved Tony Dungy. He is currently in his second year of eligibility.

The Finalists

Here is the official list of the 18 finalists and their positions: 

Finalist                    Position

Morten Anderson               
Jerome Bettis
Running Back
Tim Brown

Wide Receiver/
Kick Returner/
Punt Returner

Don Coryell
Terrell Davis
Running Back
Tony Dungy
Kevin Greene
Linebacker/Defensive End
Marvin Harrison
Wide Receiver
Jimmy Johnson
John Lynch
Free Safety 
Orlando Pace
Bil Polian
Junior Seau
Will Shields
Mick Tingelhoff
Kurt Warner 
Ron Wolf 
Charles Haley  Defensive End/Linebacker

Several of the finalists tweeted their reactions to the announcement: 

Be There!

You can see history in the making as the Class of 2015 are inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame during the Enshrinement Weekend!

With Official Ticket Packages from NFL On Location and QuintEvents, you can be a part of all of the Enshrinement Weekend festivities, including the Gold Jacket Ceremony and the Round Table Discussion! 

To get a better look at Official Ticket Packages, check out the 2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame website or call 1-844-751-0532 to learn more about NFL On Location's exclusive weekend experience. 


Check Out Packages!

2015 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale in the Books, the VIP Experience Revealed!


Barrett-Jackson-VIP-Experience-QuintEvents-1For the first time ever, Barrett-Jackson teamed up with QuintEvents to provide their fanbase in Arizona with a one-of-a-kind, incomparable VIP experience in Scottsdale: the Barrett-Jackson VIP Experience!

Saying the 2015 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction is small in any way is a large understatement. From the WestWorld of Scottsdale facility, to the sea of people in attendance, to the mass of cars being auctioned of, to the amount of money bid, Barrett-Jackson once again surpassed expectations. And a large part of that was the new edition of the Barrett-Jackson VIP Experience.

Read on to learn what the
Barrett-Jackson VIP Experience entailed, get a recap of what some of the most infamous collectable cars went for this weekend, and learn how you can become a Barrett-Jackson VIP in 2016!

Barrett-Jackson-VIP-Experience-QuintEvents-Gold-VIPThe Barrett-Jackson VIP Experience in a Nutshell

Essentially, a Barrett-Jackson VIP holds the most elite level of access at Barrett-Jackson. There were two different levels of access available (VIP Luxury Reserve and Gold VIPs), and fans were given the option of three or nine-day access.

Barrett-Jackson VIPs with access to the
VIP Luxury Reserve had unlimited access at the event. Guests were granted access to the Skybox overlooking the auction stage and access to the outdoor hospitality tent looking into the Staging Lane where they were invited to relax in comfortable seating with TV coverage, escape the masses, and enjoy premium open bars and complimentary gourmet fare.
Gold VIP guests received the same amenities, but without access to the Skybox.

KindigItDesigns-Barrett-Jackson-VIP-Experience-QuintEventsAdditionally, guests had front row seating on the auction floor, received access to walk through the VIP staging lane and even up on the auction block, and access into the Bidder's Bar!

Through these VIP connections, Barrett-Jackson VIPs were even able to meet and mingle with car industry stars such as Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage and Fast 'N Loud, and Dave Kindig and Kevin Schiele from Kindig It Designs.

Tours were also conducted throughout the weekend by Barrett-Jackson General Manager, Nick Cardinale. Guests were taken through the Staging Lane and up on the block to meet VIP guests such as famous Barrett-Jackson auctioneer, Spanky, and the man himself, Craig Jackson. Then, Barrett-Jackson VIPs were taken through the production area, allowing them to see how Discovery and Velocity conduct their on-air activities to broadcast such a large event.

Barrett Jackson VIP Experience QuintEvents resized 600

And since an approved bidders' application and bidder's badge was included in Barrett-Jackson VIP access, multiple guests bought cars and memorabilia throughout the weekend! Congrats, Barrett-Jackson VIPs!

View the 2015 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Facebook Album to SEE the Experience>>

Salon-Showcase-Barrett-Jackson-VIP-ExperienceRegular VIPs (not Barrett-Jackson VIPs) only received access to the Bidder's Bar, Staging Lane and auction floor. And since there were so many regular VIPs, the Barrett-Jackson VIP access was a hot commodity... everyone wanted it!

Barrett-Jackson is an event of epic proportions and with the amount of fans it draws in, people need an escape from the masses. Barrett-Jackson VIP Experience was just that - an escape.

Anything and everything a fan could want while at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction was included with the VIP Experience. Want to see for yourself? Search #BarrettJacksonVIP on social media to see the happenings in real time!

View videos of celebrities and infamous cars at Barrett-Jackson>>

The Auction Recap

Barrett Jackson VIP Experience QuintEvents Futureliner resized 600To put into perspective the massive amounts of money spent on some of the world's most fabulous collector cars, $45.1 million was the total sold on THURSDAY! There were still three days left to go! 

The numbers are only continuing to increase as the final pieces in Ron Pratte's collection sold last night, including the GM Futureliner and the Supersnake, for multiple millions of dollars. The event has been record-breaking.

For a full list of the collections sold and the price each car went for, visit Barrett-Jackson's website.

YOU Can Attend Next Year!

Here's the best part; after the fantastic success of the Barrett-Jackson VIP Experience program at the 2015 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction, QuintEvents is proud to announce its return to Arizona in 2016! 

Barrett Jackson VIP Experiences Logo with white BG resized 600Official Ticket Packages for the
2016 Barrett-Jackson VIP Experience have yet to be released, but you can add your name to the Quick Call Back List today to be the first contacted when they go on sale. Click the button below or call 1-866-834-8663 to add your name to the Quick Call Back List today.

Follow the experience on social media using the hashtags #BarrettJacksonVIP and #BarrettJackson.


Get on the 2016 Barrett-Jackson Quick Call Back List!

2015 NBA All-Star Travel Guide to New York City


The 2015 NBA All-Star Game Weekend in New York City is going to be chock-full of all the basketball festivities you can imagine.

The Big Apple can be overwhelming, and with a whole weekend to enjoy, you will want to make sure you know how to make the most of your getaway!

The All-Star Weekend also just so happens to fall on the same weekend as Valentine’s Day.

NBA Events NBA All Star Game 2014 All Star Game Chris Paul and LeBron James
Thankfully, the city that never sleeps is not short on love-themed outings and offerings. You can explore the best parts of the city before the start of the biggest sports party in the US that is the NBA All-Star Weekend.

If you and your special someone want to spend a romantic night out before the start of the basketball craziness, NYC offers a large variety of outings for you:

Things to Do: 

Romance Under the Stars 

You can celebrate Valentine’s Day with jazz, champagne, chocolate, hors d’oeuvres, all while under the stars and hearing stories of romance from old mythology at the Hayden Planetarium. You can check out tickets here. Music will be provided by the Josh Rutner Quartet.

After you are done, you can take a nighttime stroll through the winter wonderland of Central Park.

Romeo & Juliet

You can also go old school and watch a ballet of one of the most famous love stories of all time at the New York City staple, Lincoln Center. 

Weekend Jazz

Dianne Reeves is coming to play some love-themed jazz at a Valentine’s Dinner at Lincoln Center as well on the day of love. Bonus, there will also be an open bar! 

Things to Eat: 

circuit of the americas experiences lunch with legend 8Fine Dining 

There are an endless number places to wine and dine in New York City during the NBA All-Star Weekend

Open Table lists restaurants in the greater NYC area that offer special menus for Valentine's Day weekend.

Things for Free:

If you are looking for a free activity to commemorate the weekend with, you can head to Times Square and people watch at one of the biggest toursit attractions in the United States. You can also walk on the red glass steps before taking a photo together in front of the heart sculture at 46th Street and Broadway.

Also, be sure to soak up the true heart of New York City and people watch in the United States' biggest melting pot. 

Things for Kids: 

If you are traveling with kids on the weekend and in need of a family-friendly activity to enjoy all together, the Harlem Globetrotters will be at Barclays Center as part of their “Fans Rule” tour on Friday.

America’s favorite trick team will be a great warm-up for the rest of the basketball-themed weekend in one of America’s biggest basketball cities!

A CELEBratory Weekend

182684 545259572173950 55896171 n

New York is full of famous people, but the NBA All-Star Weekend will bring the celebrity level of the Big Apple to another level.

In addition, the NBA All-Star Weekend is scheduled at the same time as New York City Fashion Week, so the city will be hopping with various celebrities from all over the world coming in to see the designs for the fall of 2015. 

Who knows who you might run into?

The NBA All-Star Weekend Experience 

NBA-Events offers an all-inclusive experience for fans unlike any other! 

Fans of the NBA can have the chance to meet NBA legends with meet-and-greets and take photos on the court post-game. With NBA-Events Official Ticket Packages, they will also have access to all of the preliminary events on the Saturday leading up to the Sunday game


Get the Full NBA-All Star Weekend Experience!




Super Bowl Bound! Your Guide on What to Bring to the Big Game!


home slider nfl1 resized 6001 resized 600 resized 600Green Bay, Seattle, Indianapolis and New England; they’re all that’s left! The AFC and NFC Championship games are on the horizon, and two of these four teams will be Super Bowl bound in a matter of days! But what about you? Will you be joining them in Arizona?

If you haven’t already made plans to join the exclusive club of Super Bowl-goers, the time is now and we have your access below. And if you have already secured your spot at the game of all games, the following information is for you.

I’m about to let you in on the facts… what you should bring to the Super Bowl and what you should leave at home.

Considering the massive crowds the Super Bowl draws in, it’s only right the NFL cranks up security precautions in order to ensure the safety of each fan in attendance. With that being said, there are strict regulations regarding items that will be permitted and prohibited from being brought inside the stadium.

For example, while that hand-painted “I [heart] Tom Brady” picket fence sign might be creative and a hit with your fellow fans, it unfortunately won’t be invited to join you in the stadium on game day.

Read on for more examples, and complete lists of prohibited items and what you should bring to the game!

The Super Bowl Fan Guide of What to Bring

The following items are permitted into the stadium on game day and are encouraged in order to have the ultimate fan experience:

  • YOUR TICKET! Whatever you do, don’t forget it!
  • Smart phone – if you’re social media savvy, be sure to share your experience using hashtag #NFLVIP to make friends at home jealous!
  • Small camera to document memories
  • Favorite team or player’s jersey to show support
  • NFL-approved bag (see infographic below for bag guidelines)
  • sb xlviii nfl on location in stadium 0441 resized 6001 resized 6001 resized 600 resized 600Hospitality Badge, if you purchased an Official Ticket Package
  • Phone/Camera Charger – If you have hospitality access, you’ll have access to charging stations
  • Cash or charge cards to purchase souvenirs and concessions
  • Transportation Badge, if you purchased provided-for transportation
  • Game Program Voucher (if included in your package) to redeem at game
  • On-field Credential providing your package includes on-field access postgame

NFL Clear Bag Policy resized 600 resized 600NFL Clear Bag Policy 2 resized 600 resized 600Learn more about the NFL's Clear Bag Policy>>

Prohibited Items: Leave 'Em at Home!

The following items will be prohibited from being brought into the University of Phoenix Stadium on Super Bowl day:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Animals with the exception of service animals
  • Balloons
  • Banners or signs 
  • Confetti, streamers or glitter
  • Clothing deemed obscene or indecent
  • Camera with an attached or detachable large, professional lens
  • Containers, water bottles or thermoses
  • Coolers of any kind
  • Food 
  • Illegal drugs
  • Weapons including, but not limited to firearms and knives
  • Smoking

For questions regarding these policies, visit the University of Phoenix Stadium website.

Join the Most Elite Group of Fans: Super Bowl Fans!

Remember when I mentioned prior if you don’t have your access to Super Bowl XLIX that there’d be a section for you? It’s here!

1517810 713755271991045 497255396 n2 resized 6001 resized 600 resized 600If you have yet to secure your spot at Super Bowl 2015, there is still time, but you must act fast! Through QuintEvents and NFL On Location, you can receive exclusive access at the Super Bowl with Official Ticket Packages.

Packages grant fans access to a VIP hospitality area for three hours prior to kick-off (some hospitality areas also open during halftime and for 90 minutes postgame) where you’ll find premium open bars and complimentary gourmet fare. Also, NFL players and cheerleaders will be making appearances to sign autographs, take pictures and meet YOU!

Select packages even grant fans with credential to take the field in celebration following the game! Can you picture it? You and your friends basking in the confetti on the same field where the Super Bowl XLIX champions just played! Talk about a one-of-a-kind experience!

So, are you ready to join the Super Bowl Club? Call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a NFL On Location representative or visit QuintEvents’ website for more information on packages.

Don’t let the game of all games slip through your fingers! You can attend the Super Bowl and you will! Next stop, ARIZONA!


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Don’t Miss Opening Day: Monday at the 2015 Masters is Calling!


The Masters Course Augusta National Golf Course Picture QuintEvents Sandtrap resized 600Have you caught it yet? Masters’ fever is taking its toll on golf fans across the globe. People everywhere are dreaming of Augusta National’s rolling greens, imagining the smell of the azaleas and casting early forecasts for which golfer will become a part of the elite group wearing a Green Jacket.

It’s no surprise if you’ve found yourself with a case of this fever. April is only a few short months away and this major will be here in the blink of an eye!

While the only proven cure for Masters’ fever is attending the event, in the meantime, you can ward off this cold by planning your trip! So that’s just what we’re going to do.

Here’s your medication: four reasons to not miss opening day at the 2015 Masters!

1. Practice Rounds are All the Rage!

Now, if you’ve attended the Masters before, this is a no-brainer, but if you’re a first-time attendee, you’re probably a little wary of this one… why would you want to attend a practice round and not a tournament round?

Well, for starters, you get a jump-start on other fans when it comes to learning the course. Take your time perusing through Augusta National, watching golfers tee off here and there. Learn where the best holes are. See where most of the action takes place. And plan where you want to watch the tournament rounds from.

Additionally, during practice rounds, fans are allowed to bring in cell phones and cameras. Augusta National is widely known for it’s beauty and mystique, and practice rounds provide you the perfect opportunity to document your memories via photographs. And if you’re social media savvy, you can share your memories with those at home… can you say bragging rights for life?

Here are even more reasons why practice rounds should be on your radar>>

The Masters Course Augusta National Golf Course Picture QuintEvents Fans Lining Golf Course resized 6002. Beat the Crowds

The further along in the week you get, the more and more crowded Augusta National becomes. This means you’re fighting crowds to watch the competition up close, to enjoy some of the most popular holes and to experience amenities such as hospitality.

On Monday, events will just be kicking-off. Crowds will be few and far between, and you can really get that one-on-one Masters experience. Since there are less fans, you might even be able to snag a picture or autograph from your favorite golfer!

3. Early Forecasting

Monday is the very first day the golfers will be teeing off to practice. By attending on the very first day, you can see what each golfer is bringing to the table, where they stack up against each other and whether they are improving on the course as the week goes on.

If you’re wanting to place some wagers or do some early forecasting on who is going to win the Masters, you aren’t going to want to miss it all begin on Monday.

4. The City is Your Oyster

Augusta, Georgia is a thriving city with a plethora of delectable restaurants and things to do. With that being said, the Masters draws in a large crowd and the later in the week it gets, the harder it is to get reservations at top locations in the city.

By arriving on Monday, you’ll have a wide-variety of activities to choose from as businesses will not be full yet. You’ll also have a greater chance of getting reservations at restaurants where you’re likely to spot the pro golfers (and no, I’m not talking about Waffle House).

Be There on Opening Day!

The 2015 Masters will be here in the blink of an eye and with QuintEvents’ ticket packages and badges, you can ensure you’re there when it all begins on Monday.

The Masters Course Augusta National Golf Course Picture QuintEvents Fans Lining Golf Course Water Ponds resized 600Ticket packages pair your ticket to the Masters and exclusive access to the Magnolia Manor hospitality venue. Within this venue, you’ll have access to a variety of VIP amenities such as premium open bars, complimentary gourmet breakfast and lunch buffets, a secure check station for items you cannot bring into the course, valet parking, and much more. Luxurious hotel accommodations and transportation are also included.

Badges grant you access to the Masters with the option the add-on Magnolia Manor hospitality.

Once you decide which option is the best fit for you and your group, it’s time to decide how long you’d like to attend. QuintEvents offers access starting on Monday with availability throughout the week. If you’d like to attend the full seven days, fantastic. If you want to attend a few days here and there, you’re covered. If you only want to attend Monday, done.

There is no time like the present to secure your spot at the 2015 Masters! Call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a representative or visit QuintEvents’ website by clicking the button below.

It’s time to get your Masters’ experience started! See you on Monday!


Start My Masters Experience!

Ohio State Wins the College Football Playoff National Championship


Ezekiel Elliott Runs Ohio State to the 2015 National Title

College-Football-Playoff-National-Championship-TrophyCapping off an unbelievable season of injuries and three starting quarterbacks, Ohio State overcame all odds to win the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship over Oregon 42-20.

What was a closer game than the score would indicate, Ohio State had a 21-10 halftime lead and were driving again when Jalin Marshall let a pass bounce off his hands into the arms of Oregon's Danny Mattingly. Oregon would then score on a 70-yard pass by Marcus Mariotta to cut the score 21-17.

Oregon would add a field goal to make it 21-20, but the Buckeyes answered with the second and third touchdown runs from Ezekiel Elliott. He would add an additional touchdown in the last minute of the fourth quarter, making the final score 42-20.

Elliott, who was the unanimous offensive MVP of this year’s game, ran 246 yards and four touchdowns on 36 carries. It was his third consecutive 200 yard rushing game and gave him the second most rushing yards in season by an Ohio State running back.

A “Suite” College Football Playoff Premium Experience

If the game wasn’t exciting enough, those who purchased Official College Football Playoff Premium Ticket Packages experienced the game in true style. Guests enjoyed exclusive, three-hour pre-game hospitality venues filled with experiences only available through Official Ticket Packages.

With two different hospitality options (Championships Club and North/South Club Lounges), guests were treated to gourmet food stations, premium open bars, closed circuit TV coverage of all the pre-game coverage, live bands and DJ’s, fun interactive elements and appearances by college football legends.

Inside the Club Lounge hospitality venues, guests had the opportunity to interact with football legends Chad Henne, Charles Haley and Gary Reasons. The legends posed for pictures, signed autographs and told some stories of their glory days in college football.

When guests were not interacting with football legends, they enjoyed some great food and beverage options inside the hospitality venues. Gourmet food stations that included lobster rolls, premium sandwiches and sliders, and even a dessert nacho station, were just some of the tasty treats that awaited College Football Playoff Premium guests. The private bars also allowed guests to choose between wide varieties of drink options and avoid the long lines in the concourse.

And if that wasn’t enough, guests who purchased Gold Level Packages were given post-game field access right after the game! Guests were the first to get on the field after the game to experience the excitement of the title game and take pictures while Ohio State celebrated their victory.

Miss Out? Get on the 2016 National Championship Package Waitlist

Miss out on Official Ticket Packages to this year’s National Championship Game? Don’t worry! Be one of the first to get on the quick call back list for 2016 College Football Playoff National Championship Ticket Packages. You’ll be the first to be notified when packages go on sale and have the best selection of Packages to next year’s game!


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