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Matt Cullen

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Matt Cullen is originally from Chapel Hill, NC. He studied Marketing and Professional Golf Management at Florida State University and received his MBA in Sports Marketing and Management from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In his spare time he enjoys playing golf, attending sporting events, and is an avid Florida State football fan. Matt and his wife Carlie were recently blessed with their first son, Carson.

Niala Samnarine

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Niala Samnarine was born on the island of Trinidad and made her way to Charlotte, NC via Old Bridge, NJ.  She attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she received her Bachelor’s in Communication and Media Studies. Niala loves playing with puppies and enjoys a good meme every now and again. She is also an avid Jets, Yankees and Nets fan. 

Jaclyn Harris

jaclyn harris quintevents resized 250Jaclyn Harris is originally from Fallbrook, California. She earned her B.A. in Communications Studies and was a recipient of the Epley Certificate in International Public Relations  from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She studied abroad in London at the University of Westminster to complete her minor in Journalism. In her free time, Jaclyn enjoys playing soccer, traveling and spending time with her friends and family. 

Kellie Canosa

Kellie HeadshotKellie Canosa was born a Jersey girl, but raised a southern lady in the Queen city of Charlotte, North Carolina. She studied Marketing, Advertising, and Graphic Design at High Point University earning herself a B.A in Strategic Communications. Kellie is an avid runner and enjoys photography, traveling, playing soccer, and partaking in water sports. She also is a die-hard Peyton Manning fan. Blog

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Your 3-Day London Itinerary for the NFL International Series


NFL On Location NFL International Series GameThree games, six teams, one city.

This fall the NFL is taking over London with a record six teams competing in three regular season games. Of course you want to be there! When you pair together historic Wembley Stadium, one of the most beautiful cities in the world and some of the hottest match-ups on the NFL calendar, it’s a no-brainer that fans are lining up left and right to get access to one, two or all three of the games in the
2014 NFL International Series.

But how can you be a part of it all? Well hold tight, folks, we’re about to divulge all that information, but before we do, let’s take a look at what your trip would entail.

Take a look at what your London adventure could look like! Without further ado, check out our suggested three day itinerary to London and the NFL International Series!

Day One: Friday (Arrival Day)
Times are approximate

9 a.m. – flight arrives in London and you make your way through customs (better change over that money!) to baggage claim to collect all your luggage.

10:30 a.m. – You meet your provided for transportation outside of the baggage claim area and they take you from the airport to your luxurious hotel in London

12 p.m. – Check into your hotel and perhaps take a quick catnap (that time difference can get you!), or if you’re ripped, ready and roaring to go, head over to the London Eye and get a birds eye view of the city. A full rotation on the world’s largest ferris wheel will take about 30 minutes to complete. Other tourist hot spots in the same vicinity of the London Eye that you can check out while you’re there are Big Ben and Parliament, Westminster Abbey and Waterloo Station.

4:30 p.m. – Time to return to your hotel and prepare for the evening ahead. If you’re a Sapphire or Diamond level guest, it’s time to shower and get ready for the NFL Friday Night Kickoff Cruise!

5:30 p.m. – Meet your NFL On Location representative in the lobby and prepare to be transported over to the River Thames.

NFL On Location NFL International Series Friday Night Cruise 16 p.m. – Board your charter cruise and prepare to spend the evening amongst NFL players and cheerleaders! With a complimentary appetizer menu and open beer, wine and soft drink selections available to you all night long, spend the evening taking complete advantage of being an NFL On Location VIP!

9:30 p.m. – When the cruise docks, your NFL On Location bus will take you back to the hotel. You’ll want to rest up and get ready for a full day of sightseeing ahead of you!

Day Two: Saturday (See the City!)

NFL On Location NFL International Series London 3Your day Saturday is completely open to see London! The city boasts an incredibly rich history and is a melting pot for a variety of cultures. Take advantage of the day and see it all firsthand!

Here are the local hot spots that we highly suggest visiting and while many are lumped together within walking distance allowing you to see the gorgeous cityscape, others are further away. While you can opt to take an infamous red double-decker bus to get around, purchasing a one day oyster card for the tube is the quickest mode of transportation.

  • The Household Calvary Museum – This is the home of the horse guards and while you’ll see your typical museum displays, you’ll also be able to see the barn and horse guards in action! Several times each day, the guards parade the streets making their way to Buckingham Palace.
  • Trafalgar Square – This is often considered a center point of the city. It houses the National Gallery and has beautiful double fountains located right in front with dual lions guarding the gallery. Make a wish as you toss a penny in the fountain, take your picture on top of the lions and stroll through the beautiful art displays in the gallery.
  • NFL On Location NFL International Series Cheerleaders 3Buckingham Palace – Home to the royal family, pictures of the palace don’t do it justice! From the incredible architecture to the red roses strung across the lawn to it’s location right across the street from St. James Park. Buckingham Palace offers tours during select times of the year and the Royal Mews is attached also offering tours.
  • Hyde Park – A quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, Hyde Park is a hideaway for the folks of London. With a large river that offers paddle boating, a horseback riding center, several local restaurants, and much more, Hyde Park is an oasis from the concrete jungle. It also houses several well-known sites such as the Peter Pan statue and Princess Diana Fountain.
  • Piccadilly Circus - Known as the main shopping district in London, Piccadilly holds every shop you could ever want. From high-end stores to well-known name brands, there is something for everyone and stores located as far as the eye can see! The Piccadilly Circus area is so large that several tube stations are within the strips accommodating the large amount of visitors.
  • Leicester Square – Pronounced “Lester Square,” this is the theatre district of London. If there’s a premiere, this is where the Red Carpet will be, if there’s a Broadway show playing, you’ll find it here. There is always something playing and you never know who you might see…
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral – If you didn’t take in enough brilliant British architecture with your visit to Westminster Abbey on Friday, you’ll get that fix here. 
  • Millenium Bridge – One of the newer bridges that crosses the River Thames, this bridge was actually closed down immediately after it was opened by the queen due to it not being steady. Even though it’s open and steady now, it’s commonly referred to by locals as the “Wibbly Wobbly Bridge.” Regardless, it offers some incredible views of the business district, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.
  • Tower of London – Once the fortress that protected the city, it’s now home to crown jewels and history. See how this fortress ran back in the day and see how it’s currently used.
  • Tower Bridge – This iconic bridge is a huge focal point in London. The draw bridge opens consistently throughout the day to allow larger barges to pass beneath on the Thames, and its design, a mix of modern and historical elements, make it positively breathtaking. 

For more destinations that should be on your list of places to see, visit our Tourist Guide to London>>

Day Three: Sunday (Game Day!)
Times are approximate

9 a.m. – Your NFL On Location representative will be waiting for you in the lobby of your hotel and once your full group arrives, you’ll board the transportation and head to Wembley Stadium!

NFL On Location NFL International Series NFL Players 310 a.m. – Upon your arrival to Wembley, you group will be ushered to particular hospitality areas based on package level to partake in the official NFL hospitality tailgate party! Your hospitality area will be open to you three hours pregame complete with complimentary gourmet fare and open beer, wine and soft drink selections.

1:30 p.m. – It’s time to head to your seat! Game time is almost here and it’s time to take your seat in some of the best vantage points Wembley Stadium has to offer! Get ready for kick-off, folks!

2:45 p.m. – With Sapphire and Diamond level packages, your hospitality will reopen at halftime, so be sure to take advantage of those open bar options!

5 p.m. – Again, with Sapphire and Diamond level packages, your hospitality will open once again for one hour postgame. For Standard and Deluxe guests, you’ll board your transportation to be taken back to your hotel after the game… but don’t think the night ends for you there!


Once NFL On Location returns you to your hotel, hit the town! You just watched your team compete at historic Wembley Stadium in London and it’s your last night! Hit the local pubs, celebrate with local fans, kick-it with fans from home. Whether your team just secured a regular season victory or not, YOU are the victor! How many other fans can say they saw their team play their hearts out on international soil?

It’s Not Too Late!

header nfl international b9de3c4abf7bfdce29aae5ec62fbd601Does this sound like the weekend itinerary for you and your friends? Well, it can be! There’s still time for you to plan you epic London adventure with NFL On Location and QuintEvents at the NFL International Series! Follow these three steps to get the process started:

Step One: Select the game you want to attend!

Oakland Raiders vs Miami Dolphins on Sept. 28, 2014

Atlanta Falcons vs Detroit Lions on Oct. 26, 2014

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 9, 2014

Step Two: Select your package level

Diamond Packages>>
Sapphire Packages>>
Deluxe Packages>>
Standard Packages>>

Step Three: Call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a representative or fill out the form on QuintEvents website to be contacted by an NFL On Location representative to book your trip!!

It’s as simple as that! Prepare yourself for the ULTIMATE NFL vacation; London is calling!


Get Info on the NFL International Series


Ingredients for Winning the 2015 Super Bowl


“The best offense is a good defense.”

“Defense wins championships.”

Whichever side of the fence you’re on, almost EVERYONE has an opinion on which part of an NFL team is responsible for victory. Heck, even special teams probably believe it’s up to them to get a Super Bowl ring!

Well come in close 2015 Super Bowl prospective winners, we’ve got the ingredients you need to win a Super Bowl—backed by stats from the last 20 years worth of Super Bowl winners. So bookmark and print this article, then throw it at the field at the next home game so your team ensures victory at
Super Bowl XLIX!

The Facts

Super Bowl Winning Stats

1. You HAVE to be in the Top 10

Seahawks Super Bowl

Whether it’s a top ranked defense that you’re boasting or a top ranked offense, having one or the other is CRITICAL. Of all the Super Bowl winners in the past 20 years, only one team has failed to crack the top 10 on either side of the ball, the 2007 New York Giants.

Of all the teams who’ve won, exactly half have had BOTH a top 10 ranked offense and defense. The 2013 Champion Seattle Seahawks team was the first in eight years, with the last team to do it being the 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers.

2. Lucky Number 7

14 of our past 20 winners have had a top 10 ranked offense, and 15 of the past 20 winners have had a top 10 ranked defense. So what? We already alluded to that above, right?

Well after taking the statistical average, the winner of the Super Bowl must be ranked around 7th on either side of the ball to take home the title. Offenses on average ranked 7.85 and defenses on average ranked 7.2.

To answer the question above, it seems as though top tiered defenses have slightly more weight in the biggest game of the season over offenses.

3. To the Nines

Additionally, winners in the past have averaged a point differential of 8.95. With the average points per games scored in the regular season: 26.17 and the average points allowed per game in the regular season: 17.13, teams who average an 8.95 differential are in good shape to be Super Bowl winners.

Not surprisingly, the New York Giants Super Bowl winning teams of 2007 AND 2011 were outliers, having point differentials of -0.4 and 1.4 respectively. Which leads me to my last ingredient..

4. Luck, Determination and Heart

Okay, so that’s really three ingredients. However, particularly for the New York Giants teams and to some degree the Baltimore Ravens team of 2012, it took more than stats, ranking and records, it took a little something extra.

Giants Super Bowl

For those teams things like luck, great coaching, big time plays and a few other intangibles really helped them to earn the title.


  • If your team has an offense which is not in the top 10, it MUST have a defense ranked either 1st or 2nd (Exception: NYG)
  • On the flip side, if your team’s defense is not in the top 10, simply having a top 10 offense (exception NYG) should be enough to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy.
  • If your team is in the top 10 in offense, expect a half a point greater point differential: 9.56
  • If your team’s defense is ranked in the top 10, expect more than a point and a half great differential: 10.66

What else do you think makes a Super Bowl winning team? Share your ingredients in the comments below.

See These Stats Come to Life in Arizona!

Super Bowl LogoThink stats and figures are a bunch of malarkey? Be there to see these numbers unfold live on the field at the 2015 Super Bowl!

Through NFL On Location’s Official 2015 Super Bowl Ticket Packages secure your seat to witness the crowning of this season’s champ.

Select from a range of packages that allow you to choose your view and level of VIP access:

Touchdown Club 
Red Level
Blue Level
Stadium Box

Packages include (of course) your guaranteed ticket to the game, direct from the NFL, access to an exclusive in-stadium (or in suite) hospitality party venue decked out with complimentary gourmet fare, premium open bar, as well as soft drink and wine options, interactive entertainment elements, NFL player and cheerleader meet and greets and so much more!

Every package comes with a dedicated VIP security entrance, so you’re not fighting through the hoardes to get to your seat, on-site NFL On Location staff to answer any questions you may have and help you through your experience, an Official 2015 Super Bowl Program, a souvenir lanyard and ticket holder and depending on your package level either an Official Super Bowl XLIX Gift Bag or merchandise voucher so you can return home with tons of memorabilia to show off to your friends and family!

NFL On Location

Select packages include the opportunity for in-game concessions, post-game hospitality, an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime post-game on-field experience where YOU can be on the very same field that will crown the 2015 Super Bowl Champions.

SO will we see you in Arizona?

Visit our website, or call 1-866-834-8663 to speak with an NFL On Location representative who can help you start your 2015 Super Bowl experience today!


Start My 2015 Super Bowl Experience!

The BEGINNERS’ Guide to the 2015 Pro Bowl


Think first day of school jitters are just for kids? Think again! Whether it’s starting a new job, making new friends, or having a new experience in general, it’s normal to have some reservations and anxiety.

Say it with me: CHANGE IS GOOD

Pro Bowl

The NFL knows what I’m talking about. Just last year, they made a drastic change to the Pro Bowl format by introducing the first EVER Un-conferenced Pro Bowl: Fantasy Football come to life! AND BOY, was change ever good. It made for one of the most entertaining games in years.

So, for all of your NFL fans who’ve decided that enough is enough, and now that the 2015 Pro Bowl is on US Mainland, you’re NOT missing another one, I’ve put together this handy guide for everything you need to attend this season’s NFL All-Star game!


Okay. Pretty obvious. This isn’t about getting your ticket as much as it’s about how and where to get them.

  1. Do NOT wait until the last minute because:
    1. They will be expensive
    2. Their integrity will be compromised
  2. DO get them from an official source: The NFL, NFL On Location or other OFFICIAL retailers.


2015 Pro Bowl ArizonaIf you live in Glendale, then please proceed to the next section.

For everyone else flying/driving into the metropolis, unless you plan on pitching a tent, or RVing it, you will most certainly need a place to rest your bones.

Your options again are:

  1. Booking early and selecting a 3 star or above hotel
  2. Booking at the last minute and booking an overpriced 2 star or below motel (Seriously hotels are already selling/sold out) SOURCE

  3. Bundling your tickets and accommodations through NFL On Location to get a better rate on both, luxury accommodations and the security of having them come direct from the source. (See Packages here>>)

Pre- and Post- Game Events

What’s a football game without a tailgate and after/pre party? Well, it’s just a game, and while the 2015 Pro Bowl isn’t JUST a game, it would certainly make for an even more memorable experience to be able to attend (not just any party but) the OFFICIAL NFL parties and tailgates.

Options here include:

  1. Selecting which events you attend a la carte and paying per event
  2. Going with an Official 2015 Pro Bowl Package and having your extra events bundles and included (NO planning necessary)
Pro Bowl

Depending on the package you select you will have access to several official events. With the Game Day Package get into the exclusive and Official NFL Tailgate Party.


Get My Gameday Package to the 2015 Pro Bowl  

OR both the tailgate AND the NFL Official Saturday Night Party to kick off your weekend with the MVP Package. 


Book My MVP Package to the 2015 Pro Bowl!  


I’m talking parking, VIP entrances, Official 2015 Pro Bowl Gift Bags, merchandise, on-site NFL On Location staff to help you through your experience and more.

Options for extras are fairly similar to those for extra events:

  1. Selecting these a la carte and paying separately for each
  2. Selecting an Official NFL On Location Package and having them included


It’s a football game, so show your pride! Wear your favorite player, team or Hall of Famer jersey, t-shirt, hoodie or colors. Pair these with shorts, or jeans (at your own risk, because while Arizona averages 66 degrees in January, temperature lows are 39 degrees).

Friendly Advice: Check the weather a week or two in advance to get a better feel for exactly how warm or cool you can expect it to be.

For you fashionistas subscribe to our blog for a future article on how to be glam but sensible at the game, and for outfit ideas outside of the typical football jerseys and jeans. Subscribe here>>>

What You Can (and Can’t) Bring

I just hate to say “No” to you, but rules are rules and you’ll be much happier leaving something at home, than having to run back to your hotel or throw it out because you’re denied entry at University of Phoenix Stadium.

First, any clear bags that are plastic, PVC or vinyl that are 12” x 6” x 12” or smaller are permitted, along with clear one gallon plastic freezer bags. Additionally, small clutches about the size of your hand, or smaller, will be allowed. For more on the NFL’s “All Clear” policy: Click here.  

Finally, for a list of items which are not permitted, visit the NFL On Location’s Official 2015 Pro Bowl site FAQs and review what will not be allowed into the stadium here

So now that you’re all set, will we see you in Arizona?

Visit the NFL On Location Pro Bowl website, or call us at 1-877-611-3947 to speak with a knowledgeable NFL On Location representative and get your Official 2015 Pro Bowl Package today!


Start My 2015 Pro Bowl Experience!

2014 NFL Season: The Road to the NFL International Series


The 2014 NFL season is almost here and with it comes the constant influx of football games! Say hello to the season of fantasy leagues, tailgates and Sunday night football! And with all this NFL excitement comes the return of the International Series in London!

With a record three regular season games coming to Wembley Stadium this fall, the excitement is in full force for an NFL London takeover.

However, these six teams have a ways to go before they face each other on international soil and depending on the outcome of their prior games, some may hold more momentum than others traveling in.

Take a look at the road to London for each of these teams, see who they each play before their match and share with us in the comments below who YOU believe will prevail!

Oakland Raiders vs Miami Dolphins on Sept. 28, 2014

Raiders Schedule:

raiders schedule

Dolphins Schedule:

describe the image

Atlanta Falcons vs Detroit Lions on Oct. 26, 2014

Falcons Schedule:

falsons schedule

Lions Schedule:

lions schedule

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 9, 2014


Jaguars Schedule:

jaguars schedule

Cowboys Schedule:

cowboys schedule

Be a Part of the NFL International Series in London! 

With NFL On Location Official Ticket Packages provided by QuintEvents, you can be a part of the NFL expansion in London! A record three games are being played this year and it's your chance to attend one LIVE! 

Packages include exclusive access to the NFL's hospitality tailgate party complete with open beer, wine and soft drink selections and complimentary gourmet fare. Not to mention, the tailgate boasts plenty of interactive entertainment elements, and you'd have the opportunity to meet players and cheerleaders! 

Luxurious accommodations in London and transportation are also included eliminating any overseas planning hassles for you and your group! 

So what are you waiting for? It's time to get yourself to London! Get more information on how you can be a part of the NFL International Series experience by calling 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a representative or by visiting QuintEvents website today!


Get Info on the NFL International Series

The 5 Greatest Unofficial Mascots in the NFL


MascotsOkay, let’s play a game. Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and write down the most hyped person at your favorite NFL team’s home games. You get 10 seconds…GO!

Ok, now stop.

Depending on who your team is or where you’re from, answers may range from the cheerleaders, to the mascot, to the players themselves. I’m willing to bet, some of you even put people who aren’t employed by the organization.

You know who I’m talking about, that guy or gal who leads your team chant, who gets loud when the defense is trying to make a stop, who drowns out the other team when they’re trying to call plays at the line.

I’m talking UNOFFICIAL mascots of the NFL. Here’s a countdown of the five greatest, who knows maybe your team’s unofficial mascot is on here!

Fireman Ed- Jets

YES, we know he’s officially renounced his name and title, retiring his famous firefighter hat and becoming just another member of “Gang Green”.

That said, for years, Fireman Ed was visible for all New York Jets fans to see at home games and helped to lead the entire stadium in the familiar “J-E-T-S, JETS! JETS! JETS!” chant.

Barrel Man – Broncos

This “superfan” held strong for thirty years! The whole thing started when Barrel Man (Tim McKernan) made a $10 bet over whether or not wearing a barrel to a game would get him on TV. Well it did, he won $10 and he’s attended all but four games in his tenure as the Denver Broncos unofficial mascot.

McKernan attended the games in his Barrel Man outfit, and was an iconic part of the team, stadium and Denver Broncos Culture. Sadly he passed away in December, 2009. He has been memorialized as part of an exhibit in the History Colorado Center.

Unofficial Mascots

License Plate Guy - Giants

Meet the Guy! This die-hard New York Giants fan began a tradition of wearing a license plate to the game, around his neck, at the age of 16. Attending every home AND away game since 2003, License Plate Guy AKA Joe Ruback is one of the Giant’s most recognized fans.

He continues his tradition to this day at the Giants new home at MetLife Stadium, and his presence helps to inspire the team, including at their Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots, where he cheered his team all the way to the Vince Lombardi Trophy!

Crazy Ray - Cowboys

In terms of longevity, passion and enthusiasm Crazy Ray AKA Wilford Jones needs to be on this list for it to even be considered legit!

As an unofficial mascot, Crazy Ray, earned the love and respect of the team and fans. Dressing for every game in a western outfit, he initially attended the games as a vendor. His constant whistling earned him the title of “Whistling Vendor” but his dedication to the team earned him a special parking pass and All-access for Cowboys home games.

Jones missed only three games in 46 seasons, and passed away in 2007 in Dallas. In his honor, he was selected as the fan choice for the Dallas Cowboys to be placed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Visa Hall of Fans Exhibit.

Chief Zee – Redskins

Debatably, one of the most famous unofficial mascots on our list, Chief Zee AKA Zema Williams, is the biggest Washington Redskins fans.

Regularly attending games since 1978, Chief Zee has come dressed to the nines in full (but faux) American Indian garb. Williams has endured a lot as an official mascot, from petty theft (of his tomahawk) to assault at the hands of division rivals’ Philadelphia Eagles fans.

His dedication to be at every game sporting his pride, inspires the players on field and fans around him—exactly the type of thing that would earn him a place on our list. And more importantly, a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Visa Hall of Fans Exhibit along with Crazy Ray!

Honorable Mentions:

The Black Hole

The Black Hole specifically refers to the section of fans who dress in Oakland Raiders signature silver and black, including makeup and costume, in order to intimidate the other team. Their dedication to their team through the best and worst of times earn them an honorable mention as unofficial mascots for sure!

The 12th Man

They attend every game, they traveled to the opposite side of the country to watch their team win the Super Bowl, I’m talking about Seahawks fans. From the coaching to the players and everyone who touches football in general, the 12th Man is an undeniable force to be reckoned with.

Other teams have alluded to their enthusiasm as affecting play inside the Seattle Seahawks stadium, and Seahawks players encourage them. As an unofficial mascot the dedication, enthusiasm and love of the 12th Man has certainly helped their team to crank out some wins, and earn the Super Bowl title.

Did your team’s mascot make the list? Who am I crazy for leaving off? Tell us who should be on the list and why in the comments below!

Be THAT GUY at Super Bowl XLIX!

Do you dream of being the License Plate Guy at the Super Bowl who gets to witness their team hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy?


With NFL On Location and Official 2015 Super Bowl Ticket Packages! Get unparalleled views of the field and access off the field. Select from a variety of package levels to get the bucket list experience that you are waiting for. Select from the following levels:

Touchdown Club 
Red Level
Blue Level
Stadium Box

Get access to a VIP Hospitality Party complete with complimentary gourmet fare, open bars, NFL Cheerleader and Player meet and greets, interactive entertainment elements, performances and more!

Super Bowl

All VIPs receive access to a dedicated security entrance, on-site NFL On Location staff to assist you through your experience and either an Official Super Bowl Gift Bag filled with goodies, or a voucher to select your own at the official merchandise store.

Depending on your level receive in-game service, on-field post-game access and other coveted amenities.

Will we see you in Arizona?


I Want to Be in Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX!

2014 Breeders’ Cup Official Ticket Packages: Concierge Services


Breeders Cup Experiences Santa Anita Horse Racing QuintEvents 9One of the fantastic things about
2014 Breeders’ Cup Official Ticket Packages are the exclusive concierge services that are included. At one price, you get ultimately everything you could possibly want or need at the Breeders’ Cup World Championships. At the end of the day, it’s these add-ons that make planning your trip to California more convenient, but also more memorable.

If you’ve perused the ticket package options available to you, you might already have an idea of the concierge add-ons that are included. However, if this is your first rodeo, you probably have no idea what we’re talking about yet, and that’s okay too.

Don’t fret!

We’re about to break down the concierge extras available with any Official Breeders’ Cup Ticket Package and explain why they’re so desirable! So without further ado, check out the 2014 Breeders’ Cup concierge services included in each Official Ticket Package!


Breeders Cup Experiences Santa Anita Fans QuintEvents 2If you’ve ever attended a high-end sporting event, especially one that lasts longer than a couple hours, you should already be on the edge of your seat at the sound of this word. Included in each Official Ticket Package is exclusive hospitality access and it’s available to you each day of the Breeders’ Cup.

And let’s just break this down for you: think complimentary gourmet food buffets and open beer, wine and soft drink selections with open or cash bars for premium beverages. Picture all that within a luxury in-track venue with comfortable seating and simulcast TV coverage; some hospitality venues also have private restrooms, views of the track and private wagering facilities!

Essentially, hospitality puts you in the position to experience the Breeders’ Cup World Championships in VIP fashion – the way the two days of racing were meant to be experienced!


The Westin Pasadena BedroomIf you’ve ever tried to secure hotel accommodations for the dates surrounding a high-profile event, you know just how much of a struggle it is. The best hotels are sold-out, the ones that have remaining inventory have prices cranked way high up and typically create mandatory three or four day bookings, and what you’re left with is the crummy, way out of the way hotels that are still somehow in the position of almost being sold-out.

Yeah, it’s not a great situation to be in.

Luckily, a concierge service that is included in Official Breeders’ Cup Ticket Packages is luxurious accommodations in the Los Angeles area. So instead of paying a pretty penny to get a room remotely close to Santa Anita, your hotel fee will be included in your ticket package, it will be a normal hotel price, and you’ll be staying at a super nice, relaxing hotel. After all, it’s the worst spending a long day at the track just to go home to place that’s not very tidy or relaxing.

There. Accommodations problem solved!

Transportation + Parking

This is where events get everyone! Paying for parking! Well, depending on the package you select, you’ll receive one parking pass per every four guests. This means you won’t have to pay for parking when you arrive at Santa Anita Park.

Not to mention, if you choose to include accommodations in your package, you’ll have provided for transportation to and from the track each day via a QuintEvents motor coach. This remedies not only the paying for parking conundrum, but also, it eliminates the hassle of dealing with traffic at the track each day.

No road rage for you!

describe the imageSold on the Idea?

You should be! So what’s the next step? Purchasing the Official Ticket Package that is the perfect fit for you and your group! With different levels of packages varying across different price points, there are plenty of options to choose from and they all include the fantastic concierge options mentioned above!

Additionally, you’ll receive a VIP Fast Access Pass allowing you a quicker, more secure entrance to Santa Anita on race days and you’ll be given an Official Breeders’ Cup Gift Bag brimming with official products and merchandise.

Pretty sweet deal, eh? Then what are you still doing on this page? It’s time to click through and find your package! Visit QuintEvents website for more information or call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a knowledgeable representative.

Start your 2014 Breeders’ Cup experience today!



Join the conversation on social media using the hastags #BCVIP and #BC14!


The 2014 College Football Season Starts with a BANG!


College Football Premium PackageThe 2014 college football season is starting in full force this week (hallelujah!) and if there’s one thing we know, it’s that surprises are coming. All college football fans sit down at the start of the season, searching tirelessly for top 25 preseason rankings to see where their team falls and which teams are the teams to beat. With that being said, we also all know that rankings are made to be changed. Life as we know it in the preseason will not remain the same when the season starts.

See Top 25 Preseason Rankings>>

There are some things that will never change – teams will train day and night to get a bid for a bowl game and will strategize even harder to earn their place in the first-ever College Football Playoff. And while we’re still a ways off from the first release of the regular season rankings made by the first-ever College Football Playoff Selection Committee, it’s never too early to call things how you see them.

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So without further ado, check out the things you need to know as the 2014 college football season starts with a bang!

1. Oregon is Being Picked Early

Oregon found itself at no. three on our top 25 rankings and this is why. Regardless of the Ducks falling off the map towards the end of last season with various players getting injured, their offensive line has been looking explosive this season! And we’re not the only ones with Oregon on our radar – a lot of college football fans are pegging the Ducks to go all the way.

Why? For starters, Marcus Mariota (need I say more?). While many Oregon fans thought they were losing their star QB to the NFL after last season, Mariota opted to stay in the college league for another year and he’s taking names. With his exceptional running skills and crazy passing skills, he ‘wowed’ us in the 2013 season and he has the potential to be even better this season – that’s a scary thought isn’t it?

Not to mention, while Oregon has often been viewed as a soft team not being able to stand up to the big boys at Stanford, last season, the Ducks held their own. They dominated the physical battle against other large-and-in-charge teams such as UCLA and Washington, regardless of their detrimental losses against Stanford and Michigan.

If they can be present on the public stage against these rivals, you better watch out for the Oregon Ducks!

2. The Vote for the Hardest Schedule is in!

college football national championship gold b package 1Sure, no team's schedule is going to be a cake walk, but there are definitely some teams who are set-up with more challenges than others. For example, the Florida Gators have their work cut out for them. With SEC match-ups against Georgia, Alabama, LSU, South Carolina, and Missouri on the calendar and a out-of-conference game against the Seminoles lined-up, the Gators are holding their breath and training harder than ever.

And not for nothing, Arkansas is in the same boat! The Razorbacks will be meeting Auburn, Missouri, Alabama, LSU, Georgia, and Texas A&M in their conference games, and will be competing against Texas Tech and Northern Illinois for out-of-conference games. Not to mention, their season opener is away at Auburn – definitely not the soft opening Arkansas was probably hoping for.

3. They Both Have a Claim

Everyone knows that FSU took home the gold at the final BCS National Championship. The game is in the history books and the Seminoles defeated Auburn 34-31. No one can take THAT title from them.

However, if you had just lost the national championship by three points wouldn’t you be out for a vengeance? Auburn is going to come back fighting! Their preseason training proves they have yet to lose their momentum and only time will tell what the Tigers are willing to do to win.

On the other hand, Florida State just won the national championship! When you’re coming off a high like that, you don’t want to give up the glory. These boys aren’t going to give away their title without a fight – a fight that we know these guys can make. For all you teams with FSU on your schedule, we’re sincerely sorry.

Let’s Talk the College Football Playoff National Championship

It’s all finally here! The college football season we’ve been waiting for! History is taking place and the first-ever College Football Playoff is scheduled.

There is still a ways to go before the 2015 champions will be named and even before the qualifiers are announced, but it’s the perfect time for you to secure your spot in the stands!

facebook event image college football national championship4

With 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship ticket packages direct from Playoff Premium, you can get unparalleled VIP access to the biggest game of the year! Official Ticket Packages offer exclusive access to the pregame hospitality tailgate party complete with premium open bars and complimentary gourmet food options available three hours pregame.

Not to mention, collegiate football legends will be making appearances throughout the hospitality venue and a plethora of interactive entertainment elements are available, fun for all ages! Depending on the package you select you will also receive an Official College Football Playoff gift bag or souvenir voucher, an exclusive Stadium Collection game program voucher, a souvenir College Football Playoff lanyard complete with a ticket sleeve, and preferred Playoff Premium stadium parking (fees not included). With top tiered packages, you and your group could even get on field access after the game!

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There is so much to look forward to with the coming of the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship! Don’t miss your chance to be there when history is made and it all goes down. Call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a Playoff Premium representative or visit QuintEvents website for more information.

Make your dreams a reality at the College Football Playoff!


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How 2015 Pro Bowl Ticket Packages Will Awaken Your 5 Senses


Pro BowlIf you’re like me, you’re thinking: The only thing I want the
2015 Pro Bowl to awaken is my need to eat food, watch football and drink beer…

Well, that’s two out of the five senses right there!

So what about the other three? How can a hard hitting sports event really make your senses tingle, after all it’s not like you’ll be on the field? As always, I have the answers.

The Eyes are the Windows…

To some amazing sports action and more! At the 2015 Pro Bowl your eyes will truly be your guide as you navigate the various events and game itself. See players (both on and off the field), cheerleaders, performances, parties.

describe the image

Picture yourself, in University of Phoenix Stadium, surrounded by the colorful jerseys of fans and players with that beautiful, well manicured sea of green in front of you. The vividness of the pom poms in the air. See the spread of gourmet food and the open bar, which leads me to…

Taste and Smell the Rainbow

From the gourmet food, hors d’oeuvres, and dessert buffets to the bubbly goodness of soda, crisp taste of wine (possibly something stronger), or familiar swig of beer, literally taste the rainbow.

No one thinks of football games (even the 2015 Pro Bowl) as a taste experience, but with the food and beverage present at the NFL Official Saturday Night Party and NFL Official Tailgate Party (both of which you’ll be invited to with your Official Packages) the weekend becomes just as much about what goes into your mouth and what happens down on the field!

With all this delicious food and tasty beverages, your nose is bound to go into sensory overload!

Feel the Sensation

Feel the stands vibrate under you as tens of thousands of fans cheer or boo their favorite players and teams. Feel the elements on your skin. Feel it all through your Official Pro Bowl Gift Bag as you sift through your goodies that come with your 2015 Pro Bowl Ticket Package!

Bring the Noise

One of the most unforgettable parts of attending the Pro Bowl are the sounds you’ll experience. From the music playing during the Official Party and Tailgate, to the din of the crowd as it roars during every play, the sounds of the Pro Bowl are some of the most exciting you’ll EVER hear.

Get the Full Sensory Experience in Arizona

Be there next January as the NFL’s best descend upon Glendale, AZ! Just one week before the
2015 Super Bowl. Excite your senses by purchasing your experience through NFL On Location.

Pro Bowl

Get Official 2015 Pro Bowl Ticket Packages and experience everything described above. With two packages levels, select a package with all the trimmings, or the game day only package. Learn more about these options:

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Book your package and get access to the 2015 Pro Bowl, NFL Official Tailgate, NFL Official Saturday Party, on-site assistance, Official Gift Bags and much more.

Will we see you in Arizona?

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5 Things to Love About the NFL International Series


NFL On Location NFL International Series NFL Players 3The 2014 NFL season is almost here and there's a lot of great match-ups and new player performances to look forward to. Football fans have been waiting for this moment since the 2014 Super Bowl and it's finally right around the corner! 

But there's also something else to be excited about this season. The NFL is returning to London for not one, not two, but three International Games! With three regular season matches on the calendar, fans have three excuses to travel to the beautiful city of London and see their team compete on foreign soil.

Take a look at the 2014 NFL International Series schedule:

Oakland Raiders vs Miami Dolphins on Sept. 28, 2014

Atlanta Falcons vs Detroit Lions on Oct. 26, 2014

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 9, 2014

But why are fans so excited about these games? What makes playing in London so special? Well, it's a lot of different things, but we thought we'd limit our list to five. Five reasons.

So without further ado, check out these five reasons why the NFL International Series totally rules!

NFL On Location NFL International Series London 81. An Excuse to Visit London

Whether you're native to the USA or whether you live in or around the United Kingdom, London is a fantastic city! With so much culture, the beautiful architecture and history everywhere you look, everyone is looking for an excuse to dive into this city!

Cue the NFL International Series! NFL fans near and far have the perfect reason to take the trip! Not only do you get to watch one of your team's regular season games played LIVE, but you also get to peruse London town. That's two items on your bucket list complete right there.

2. An Opportunity to See How Lucky You are to have the NFL!

Okay, sure. You have a hometown team or a team in a city near you. You probably get to attend several if not all (for you season ticket holders) of your team's regular season games. But imagine what life would be like if you didn't have an NFL team. What a dark and dreary place that would be.

Well, folks in London aren't as lucky as those of us here in the states. They don't get to watch NFL games played live every Sunday even if they wanted to.

So while you're in town for the NFL International Series, you'll be able to see how excited the locals get about the games. You'll be able to be a part of the NFL movement in London. Trust us, it's a fantastic atmosphere to be a part of!

3. You can Meet NFL Players and Cheerleaders at Official Events

NFL On Location NFL International Series Friday Night Cruise 1If you attend the 2014 NFL International Series via Official Ticket Packages, you'll receive all kinds of fancy access during the game weekends. For example, you could get an invite to the NFL Friday Night Kickoff Cruise! 

Just imagine it, sailing down the River Thames with some of your favorite NFL players and cheerleaders, eating delicious foods and drinking the complimentary drinks! Oh yes, this is a real event and you can easily get VIP access to it!

4. VIP Hospitality at Wembley Stadium

This is another one of those fantastic perks that comes with Official Ticket Packages to the NFL International Series - exclusive hospitality access at Wembley Stadium! You'll be invited to the official tailgate at the stadium before kick-off. Enjoy complimentary fare, open bars and tons of interactive entertainment elements while you tailgate with some of the NFL's biggest fans.

With hospitality open three hours pregame, you'll have plenty of time to partake in the events and take advantage of the all-inclusive offerings. And at the end of the day, who besides you, can say that they've ever partied with the NFL at historic Wembley Stadium!?

5. Great Games

Everyone hears of home field advantage and we've all seen first-hand how this can be a strategy for some teams because of the climate they live in. Well, in the NFL International Series, both teams are technically away and the climate and weather conditions are new to everyone.

This means tons of excellent plays in tricky conditions. And that, my friends, is the recipe for great football.

Attend the NFL International Series!

I know it, you're convinced! With a variety of different ticket package options available across different price points, there's the perfect fit for every group. So don't wait any longer! Get yourself to London today. Call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a knowledgeable representative or visit QuintEvents website for more information.


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QuintEvents' Official Partners Do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


You've seen them. The countless videos flooding our social media feeds with celebrities, your friends and your families dumping buckets of ice cold water on themselves to raise awareness for ALS. The novel concept has gone viral, and more people than ever now know about ALS and are donating.

Learn more about ALS>>

So far, $53.3 million dollars have been raised to help fight ALS and 1.1 million new donors have been recorded [Insert applause here].

While all of us here at QuintEvents have also contributed to the ALS Association, so have many of our Official Partners! And while you may or may not have seen some of these viral videos, we wanted to create a compilation of some of our favorite #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE videos!

So without further ado, check out the ice cold nominations:

In Honor of our NFL On Location Partnership,

NFL Commish, Roger Goodell! 

The New York Jets! 

The New England Patriots!

The New York Giants!

Hall of Famer, James Lofton!

Hall of Famer, Troy Aikman!

In Honor of our NBA Partnership

Michael Jordan!

LeBron James!

Kobe Bryant! 

Kevin Durant!

In Honor of our UFC Partnership,

Ronda "Rowdy" Rousey!

Dana White!

BJ Penn!

In Honor of our Churchill Downs Partnership,

In Honor of our Formula 1 Paddock Club Partnership,

Driver, Daniel Ricciardo!

Driver, Lewis Hamilton!

In Honor of our MotoGP VIP Village Partnership,

Rider, Marc Marquez!

Rider, Valentino Rossi!

Honda Racing!

In Honor of our Circuit of The Americas Partnership and the upcoming Lone Star Le Mans Weekend,

KVSH Driver, Sebaastien Bourdais,


That's right, we challenge you to complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! It's time to create a world without ALS and we challenge you, but we also request you make a small donation to to strike out ALS!

For more information on how you can donate today visit the by clicking the button below, and be sure to share your ice bucket challenge videos with us in the comments below. Don't forget to use #IceBucketChallenge!


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