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Matt Cullen

matt cullen quintevents

Matt Cullen is originally from Chapel Hill, NC. He studied Marketing and Professional Golf Management at Florida State University and received his MBA in Sports Marketing and Management from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In his spare time he enjoys playing golf, attending sporting events, and is an avid Florida State football fan. Matt and his wife Carlie were recently blessed with their first son, Carson.

Jaclyn Harris

jaclyn harris quintevents resized 250Jaclyn Harris is originally from Fallbrook, California. She earned her B.A. in Communications Studies and was a recipient of the Epley Certificate in International Public Relations from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She studied abroad in London at the University of Westminster to complete her minor in Journalism. Jaclyn is obsessed with her pup, Isabella, is an avid runner, has a passion for all things sports, and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Rory Harris

matt cullen quintevents

Born and raised a Hoosier, Rory left her Indiana hometown to attend college in Texas at Abilene Christian University. While at ACU, she earned a B.A. in English and was a part of Sigma Theta Chi Women's Social Club. She graduated in August 2014 and has since relocated to Charlotte. In her spare time, she enjoys jogging, laughing with friends, road trips, and any time she can get on the dance floor. Blog

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Stay & Play at Super Bowl XLIX with Luxurious Hotel Ticket Packages


If you've ever attending a top notch sporting event that draws in a large crowd from a variety of different locations, you know just how hard it is to book a decent hotel room. Prices sky-rocket, inventory goes quickly and before you know it, you're paying $500 a night for a cheap, outside-entry motel. Definitely not the relaxing, dream vacation you were thinking of.

Well, one of the greatest things about Official Super Bowl Ticket Packages direct from NFL On Location provided by QuintEvents, is the fact that luxurious hotel accommodations close to the stadium can be included!

No having to book your room yourself. No having to deal with incredibly high price points. No staying in a motel. Plus, group booking is easy!

Take a look at the benefits of opting to stay and play in Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX, and see the other inclusions that you'll find in Official Super Bowl Ticket Packages, in addition to accommodations!

Why You Need to Stay and Play for Super Bowl XLIX

doubletree paradise valley resized 600A better question to ask is, "Why wouldn't you want to stay play?"

With the biggest game of the year comes Super Bowl Boulevard and a plethora of other exciting events any football fan would kill to be a part of! By deciding to stay and play in Arizona, you can opt for a four-nights stay to be included in your package.

That gives you plenty of time to partake in Super Bowl XLIX activities and ensures you get the full Super Bowl experience while in town.

And I'm talking nice, luxurious hotels, folks. Without an Official Ticket Package, you're not going to find any open rooms at these resorts and further, prices are going to be much higher than you're expecting if you choose to book a la carte.

Take a look at these stats regarding how hotel prices sky-rocket when the Super Bowl comes to town>>

Official Red Super Bowl Ticket Packages

Onfieldpostgame001 resized 600With Red Level Super Bowl Packages, you can opt between sitting between the Goal and the 30 Yardline at either the 100 level (Red D) or the 200 level (Red C). 

Each package shares these inclusions:

  • Exclusive Postgame Photo Opportunity on the Field
  • Super Bowl Game Day Hospitality Experience
  • Super Bowl XLIX Gift Bag
  • Exclusive Stadium Collection Game Program Voucher
  • Super Bowl XLIX Lanyard with Ticket Sleeve
  • NFL On Location Signature Services
  • Dedicated Security Entrance Access
  • Preferred On Location Stadium Parking
  • Optional Hotel Accommodations

With Red Packages, you'll have access to the premium hospitality venue three hours pregame and 90 minutes postgame. Inside you'll find a full premium, complimentary menu and a top shelf open bar available before the game, and select menu, beer, wine, and soft drink selections available postgame.


Learn More About Red C Super Bowl Packages!

NFL players and cheerleaders will also be making appearances within the hospitality tailgate party to meet YOU!

And as mentioned prior, you'll have the option to include luxurious hotel accommodations in your package. For example, with a four-night stay and play option, you could stay at the glamorous DoubleTree Paradise Valley hotel!


Learn More About Red D Super Bowl Packages!

Official Blue I Super Bowl Ticket Packages

SB XLVIII NFL On Location In Stadium 262 resized 600Blue I Super Bowl Packages fall slightly below Red Packages when it comes to levels. With this tiered package, you'll receive tickets to the 400 level corner seating and the following inclusions:

  • Super Bowl Game Day Hospitality Experience
  • $50 Merchandise Coupon
  • Exclusive Stadium Collection Game Program Voucher
  • Super Bowl XLIX Lanyard with Ticket Sleeve
  • NFL On Location Signature Services
  • Dedicated Security Entrance
  • Preferred On Location Stadium Parking
  • Optional Hotel Accommodations

With Blue I hospitality access, you'll receive access to the Super Bowl Club three hours pregame. Here, you'll find a premium, complimentary menu and a top shelf open bar, along with NFL player and cheerleader meet-and-greets. 

If you decide to stay and play with Blue I packages, you could opt to include a four-nights stay at the Hyatt Place Tempe!

  Get Info on Blue I Super Bowl Packages!

Blue I is almost one of the most affordable Super Bowl Ticket Packages on the market. Take a look>>

Start Your Super Bowl XLIX Experience: Secure Your Accommodations Today!

Get more information on NFL On Location Official Super Bowl Ticket Packages today by visiting
QuintEvents website or by calling 1-866-834-8663 to speak to an NFL On Location representative.

Hotel accommodations will go quickly, so be sure to secure your place in Arizona today!


Fill up your All-Star Senses at the NBA All-Star Game


Imagine walking into Madison Square Garden Arena to watch the 64th Annual NBA All-Star Game. Close your eyes and picture the thousands of basketball fans in the crowd, the sound of their stomping feet and the slap of their clapping hands. Imagine the excitement in the air, as the eager mass await the players to take the court. And don't forget about the trademark basketball smell of the popcorn popping at the concession stand and the slippery feel of the court.

Most sporting events are thrilling, but a basketball game nestled in the middle of the mecca of basketball, New York City, is sure to exhilarate on a whole new level!

With fans coming in from around the nation to root for their conference favorites, the annual event allows for unique competition and creates a space to make basketball fans' dreams come true! A treat for all your senses, you are sure to be greeted with an exhilarating blend of sights, sounds and smells while attending the game.

Fill Up Your All-Star Senses! 

AC-Green-Legend-Meet-n-Greet-NBA-All-star-game-QuintEventsSee legends, celebrities, and the best players in the NBA for yourself. Get up close and personal with players at meet-and-greets and see everything from the player’s perspective with on court access. Interact with NBA players and celebrities, and sit back to watch the game with unparalleled views. And if you want to prove to your friends all that you were able to see, take pictures on the court of one of the most famous sporting arenas, in one of the most famous city in the country! IMG 4257


Hear the heartbeat of the NBA as thousands of fans gather to cheer on their favorite players. Listen to the cheers and the cries of fans and hear firsthand the pulse of basketball lovers of the world. Not to mention, while attending the game, you will get to here an array of musical acts during the always entertaining half-time show. Now that's not something you will get while watching the game from you couch!  

Taste all the delectable food! A game is not half as much fun without good eats. With an invitation to a attend the NBA All-Star Party and sample a variety of quality cuisine with the
all-you–can-eat-buffet or sip on cocktails and swig a cold beer at the open bar. Treat your pallet before settling in to watch one of the biggest sporting events of the year. 

Touch the court of one of the world's most famous arenas. As one of metropolitan Manhattan's last standing old buildings and the second oldest arena in the NBA, Madison Square Garden is a piece of history. Touch the walls and sit in the same seats that were witness to the likes of Knicks' legends Wal Frazier, Patrick Ewing and Willis Reed. Let the arena take you back in time and relish your experience at the stadium where basketball's popularity was born!  

465281691LM 1696ASGame

Smell the excitement in the air as players prepare to show off their skills. With all of the food, fans, and players surroundng you, you will feel as if you can smell everyone’s anticipation as the best players in the league take the court. Get seats close enough to the action that you can practically smell the player's determination to showcase their talent and win for their conference team. 

Get your 2015 NBA All-Star Access! 

Your senses enticed yet? Don't just imagine walking into Madison Square Garden, get your chance to actually do it! Now is the time to jump on setting up your ideal NBA All-Star Game experience! Get ready to awaken all five of your senses at the 2015 All-Star Game with Official Ticket Packages to match your dream day at Madison Square Garden. Not to mention, you can also receive tickets to all Saturday and Sunday events, autographed commemorative photos, and post-game on-court experiences.

Check out QuintEvents to plan your dream trip to the 2015 game and prepare to have a sensory overload! 


Plan your NBA All-Star Game Experience!


Become a World Traveler with QuintEvents' International Events


We all have dreams to go out and see the world. Unfortunately, these dreams of traveling rarely meet fruition. Well, maybe it is time that changed. Make this the year you finally become the world traveler you always wanted to be!

Take off on your International Adventure! 

Explore the world and see one of your favorite sporting events while you do! You can explore the world while attending some of the most internationally famous races, games  and match ups out there. Where will you go?

You could follow Formula 1™ racers to corners of the world like the exotic island country of Bahrain, or watch the races while in populous capital cities like Melbourne, Australia. Why not plan an Italian excursion to watch the MotoGP™, Grand Prix races, or go down south and see two UFC® heavyweights battle it out in a south of the border Octagon ™! You could even travel to London, England to see some of the top NFL teams compete at the historic Wembley Stadium. There are 58 events planned this year, spread all throughout the world, to give you opportunities to see whichever sporting event you prefer in a variety of locations.

QuintEvents-Hospitality-CateringParty in the USA? Or party all over the world?

Every event is a celebration and a chance to enjoy the company of other ultimate fans. Gather with sport enthusiasts from different countries as you cheer at your favorite event, uniting in “ohhhhs” and “ahhhhs” as athletes compete to win a title.

With concerts, private parties and chances to have exclusive access, your international experience will make you feel like a VIP! Enjoy luxury accommodations, private parties, catered meals, and premium open bars while you watch your favorite sporting event from some of the best seats. 

Dream it and QuintEvents will help you do it. We know that everyone has their own idea of what traveling the world means. Let us help you customize your trip so you can ensure you are experiencing the world the way you want to. The possibilities are endless!


There is nothing quite like exploring the world with your friends or family. It only makes sense to check your dream destinations and events off your bucket list with a group of your favorite people by your side. QuintEvents can also help you put corporate travel plans into place! 

Make it a Corporate Experience! 

Bond with your co-workers or reward your employees while taking the trip of a lifetime to attend an international sporting event. Set aside time to eat, drink and relax with your loyal comrades with
corporate travel package offerings. Network with other sports fans and have the opportunity to meet legends while you do. All-you-can-eat buffets, concerts and behind-the- scenes exclusive access are just a few extras you can grab traveling with your company experiencing the gift that will keep on giving!

Moto-GP-Village-Worldwide-Dining-BreakfastIncentive Travel

Work hard, and then play hard! Show your employees the fruits of their labor and inspire the hardest workers within your company by offering them a chance to travel the world. With the option of incentive travel plans, you can set up a trip to reward your employees for their hard work thus far and to motivate them to work extra hard in the future. Build an excellent retention plan that your company will love you for! 

Take the Next Step! 

Want to become a world traveler? Well, QuintEvents can help you do it! With races, fights and games in locations all over the world, we offer an array of vacation options for any group! We can help you plan and customize the trip you have always wanted to take. Enjoy the freedom to pursue your travel fantasies from our 58 different events. Check out our various event offerings to find your perfect match.

Which destination will you choose?

View Upcoming Events!


NFL International Series: Atlanta Falcons vs Detroit Lions Preview


London NFL On LocationA few weeks ago, the 2014 NFL International Series kicked-off with the Miami Dolphins defeating the Oakland Raiders 38-14 in London. This week, the Atlanta Falcons will host the Detroit Lions at Wembley Stadium for the second of three games abroad this year.

Not only is this game set to be historic for being played at Wembley Stadium, but it's also the first NFL game to be aired in the morning in the United States! The game has a 2:30 p.m. kick-off time in London so it will be aired at 9:30 a.m. ET in the US. Better set those alarm clocks, Falcons and Lions fans!

Detroit currently holds a better record than Atlanta in their perspective brackets in the NFC, but each team boasts different strengths and weaknesses. Pair those facts with the knowledge that neither team is really playing "at home," and we have all the elements for a fantastic football game. This international match can really go either way.

With that being said, let's take a look at each team's record, the match-up and the players who will hold a key role in their team's performance.

Standings in the NFC

NFC North




   Win %   

Detriot Lions 5 2 0 .714
Green Bay Packers 5 2 0 .714
Chicago Bears 3 4 0 .429
Minnesota Vikings 2 5 0 .286

       NFC South




  Win %  

Carolina Panthers 3 3 1 .500
New Orleans Saints 2 4 0 .333
Atlanta Falcons 2 5 0 .286
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 5 0 .167

Comparing the Falcons and the Lions

falcons lions offense comparison resized 600

falcons lions defense comparison resized 600Comparisons provided by NFL Game Center.

Players to Watch

falcons lions team leaders resized 600

Team Leaders provided by NFL Game Center.

Who's your early pick to win? Will the Detroit Lions prevail and increase their impressive record, or will the Atlanta Falcons defeat them and improve their record? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

See the Falcons vs Lions International Game LIVE from London!

It's not too late to be a part of this NFL International Series experience, but you have to act fast!
Official Ticket Packages direct from NFL On Location and provided by QuintEvents can grant you unparalleled VIP access at Wembley Stadium for the Atlanta Falcons vs Detroit Lions match-up!

There are four different package levels available:

  • Diamond Packages
  • Sapphire Packages
  • Deluxe Packages
  • Standard Packages

This gives fans different level price points to select from while still receiving unbelievable inclusions.

QuintEvents NFL On Location NFL International Series NFL LONDON 2 resized 600For example, with the top-tier Diamond level package, fans will be invited to tailgate in a premium in-stadium hospitality area three hours pregame, during halftime and one hour post game. Here they'll enjoy a complimentary four-course meal, open beer, wine and soft drink selections, cash bars for premium beverages, and a variety of interactive entertainment elements. Diamond package holders will also be invited to attend the NFL Friday Night Kickoff Cruise where they can meet NFL players and cheerleaders! 

On the other hand, Standard level packages offer access to the NFL Pregame Party adjacent to Wembley Stadium for three hours pregame. Fans will be invited to enjoy a complimentary pregame menu and open beer, wine and soft drink selections.

Sapphire and Deluxe level package fall in between these two access levels. Hotel accommodations, ground transportation and an Official NFL Gift Bag are also included in each package.

If you want to watch the game LIVE (versus setting your alarm to watch in the morning at home) then you have to act fast! Visit QuintEvents website or call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to an NFL On Location representative to get your experience started.


Attend the Falcons vs Lions International Game

Can't make it to London for the Falcons vs Lions NFL International Game? Make the trip to see the Dallas Cowboys take on the Jacksonville Jaguars>>

College Football Week 8 Complete: See the Updated Top 25 Standings


Week 8 of the college football season is officially in the history books! Week 7 marked the halfway point of the 2014 season and it's high time we take a look at where each team is falling within the ranks! The College Football Playoff Selection Committee is releasing their rankings on Oct. 28, but we can take an early look at the standings to gauge where each team will fall by looking at the AP Top 25 and the Coaches' Poll.

So without further ado, let's take a look at the results from Week 8, and then dive into the most recent Top 25 standings!

College Football Week 8 Scores

cfp standings 10 20 resized 600cfp standings 10 20 2cfp standings 10 20 3 resized 600Scores provided by

How did your team fare this week? Did your team see victory or did you fall short? What do you think were the biggest plays of Week 8? Which games were the biggest upsets this week? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

AP Top 25 Standings




PV Rank

1 Mississippi State* 1,480 1
2 Florida State* 1,433 2
3 Ole Miss*  1,404 3
4 Alabama* 1,235 7
5 Auburn 1,231 6
6 Oregon 1,142 9
7 Notre Dame 1,133 5
8 Michigan State 1,066 8
9 Georgia 1,055 10
10 TCU 962 12
11 Kansas State* 905 14
12 Baylor 858 4
13 Ohio State 753 13
14 Arizona State* 643 17
15 Arizona* 639 16
16 Nebraska* 537 19
17 Oklahoma 461 11
18 East Carolina 445 18
19 Utah* 437 20
20 USC 356 22
21 Clemson 283 24
22 West Virginia 272 31
23 Marshall 184 25
24 LSU 177 27
25 UCLA 118 26

USA Today's Coaches' Poll





1 Mississippi State* 6-0 1,520
2 Florida State* 7-0 1,493
3 Ole Miss* 7-0 1,447
4 Alabama* 6-1 1,293
5 Michigan State 6-1 1,243
6 Auburn 5-1 1,210
7 Oregon 6-1 1,133
8 Notre Dame 6-1 1,117
9 Georgia 6-1 1,096
10 TCU 5-1 996
11 Kansas State* 5-1 909
12 Ohio State 5-1 856
13 Baylor 6-1 853
14 Arizona State* 5-1 654
15 Arizona* 5-1 612
16 Nebraska* 6-1 588
17 East Carolina 5-1 578
18 Oklahoma 5-2 482
19 Utah* 5-1 371
20 Clemson 5-2 320
21 USC 5-2 258
22 Marshall 7-0 247
23 LSU 6-2 155
24 Minnesota 6-1 147
25 West Virginia 5-2 143

* Denotes same rank in both standings

See the Top Two Compete in the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship!

Sure, there is still plenty of time for the standings to change, but the opportunity to attend the first-ever College Football Playoff National Championship game won't knock forever! With College Football Playoff Premium Official Ticket Packages provided by QuintEvents, you can get unparalleled VIP access to see college football history made!

College Football Premium PackageOfficial Packages include access to the hospitality tailgate party open three hours pregame where you'll find complimentary food options, premium open bars, a variety of interactive entertainment elements, collegiate football legend meet-and-greets, and much more! Depending on your package level, you could even take the field after the game! Just imagine, being on the field for the national title celebration!

Luxurious accomodations and ground transportation can also be included in packages eliminating those aspects of the trip planning process. Easy payment terms are also possible, making attending the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship more affordable than ever!

Get more information on how you can attend the first-ever College Football Playoff National Championship with Playoff Premium and QuintEvents by calling 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a representative or by visiting QuintEvents website.

Where will YOU be when history is made?



2014 Breeders' Cup Preview: Race Schedule & Contenders


Breeders Cup Experiences Breeders Cup Logo 2014Horse racing fans, it's the moment you've all been waiting for! The 2014 Breeders' Cup World Championships are finally here! The Challenge series is complete, tickets are almost sold out and the determined world's best are preparing for the 13 championship races to be held at Santa Anita on Oct. 31-Nov. 1.

It's time to take a look at the race schedule for the weekend and the field of contenders who have qualified for each race!

The Breeders' Cup Race Schedule

Friday, October 31, 2014

Juvenile Turf Dirt Mile Juvenile Fillies Turf Distaff
$1,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $2,000,000
1 Mile 1 Mile 1 Mile 1 1/8 Miles
2:25 p.m. PDT 3:05 p.m. PDT 3:50 p.m. PDT 4:35 p.m. PDT

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Juvenile Fillies Filly & Mare Turf DraftKings Filly & Mare Spring Turf Sprint Sentient Jet Juvenile Turf Xpressbet Sprint Mile Classic
$2,000,000 $2,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $2,000,000 $3,000,000 $1,500,000 $2,000,000 $5,000,000
1 1/16 Miles 1 1/4 Miles 7 Furlongs 6.5 Furlongs 1 1/16 Miles 1 1/2 Miles 6 Furlongs 1 Mile 1 1/4 Miles
12:05 p.m. PDT 12:43 p.m. PDT 1:21 p.m. PDT 2:05 p.m. PDT 2:43 p.m. PDT 3:22 p.m. PDT 4:01 p.m. PDT 4:40 p.m. PDT 5:35 p.m. PDT

2014 Contenders


bc classic contenders quintevents

Dirt Mile

bc dirtmile contenders quintevents


bc distaff contenders quintevents resized 600

DraftKings Filly & Mare Sprint

bc filly mare sprint contenders quintevents resized 600

Filly & Mare Turf

bc filly mare turf quintevents resized 600

Juvenile Fillies

bc juvenile fillies quintevents resized 600

Juvenile Fillies Turf

bc juvenile fillies turf quintevents resized 600

Juvenile Turf

bc juvenile turf quintevents


bc mile quintevents resized 600

Sentient Jet Juvenile Contenders

bc jet juvenile quintevents resized 600


bc turf quintevents resized 600

Turf Sprint

bc turf sprint quintevents resized 600

Xpressbet Sprint

bc xpressbet sprint quintevents resized 600

Who do you think will prevail at the 2014 Breeders' Cup? Will the Classic be a battle between Shared Belief and Kentucky Derby Champ, California Chrome, or will it be a Belmont Stakes repeat with Tonalist? Will Kentucky Oaks Champ, Untapable, win the Distaff? How do you think multiple races will affect the entrants? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

See maps of Santa Anita to help you navigate the track>>

Need advice on what to wear? See our guide on how to dress>>

Looking for events during the race weekend? View the event schedule>>

Time is Running Out to Attend the 2014 Breeders' Cup!

We're less than two weeks away from the 2014 Breeders' Cup and if you waited until the last minute to secure your spot at Santa Anita Park, now's the time to act! Official Breeders' Cup Ticket Packages provided by QuintEvents are still available and are the only way to get VIP access at the "Richest Two Days in Sports!"

Breeders Cup Experiences Santa Anita Horse Racing QuintEvents 1Official Ticket Packages include access to an exclusive in-track hospitality venue where you'll find complimentary breakfast and lunch, open beer, wine and soft drink selections, and a cash bar for premium beverages. With comfortable seating and simulcast TV coverage of the on-track activities, hospitality is an oasis from the stands, and grants you and your group a place to relax and reconnect throughout the long race days.

You'll also receive a VIP Fast Access Pass for a quicker, more secure entrance to Santa Anita on race days, one parking pass per every four guests, and an Official Breeders' Cup Gift Bag brimming with official products and merchandise.

You can even opt to include luxurious hotel accommodations in the Los Angeles area and ground transportation to the track each day in your package. This eliminates your having to deal with last minute high prices for hotels and rental cars.

There truly is no better way to experience the 2014 Breeders' Cup World Championships! Click the button below to see the VIP packages still available and to get more information on booking your's today!


Book My 2014 Breeders' Cup Package!

And be sure to join the conversation on social media using the hashtags #BCVIP and #BC14!

Can't go this Year? Be at the 2015 Breeders' Cup at Keeneland!

2015BreedersCup Keeneland CMYKCan't make it this year? Make plans to be at the 2015 Breeders' Cup World Championships as they travel to Keeneland! Call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a Breeders' Cup representative or visit QuintEvents website for more information. 


Get On the Wait List to Attend the 2015 Breeders’ Cup

How to Attend the NFL International Series in 3 Simple Steps


The 2014 NFL season is flying by; we're already in Week 7 and the 2014 NFL International Series is in full force! The Atlanta Falcons and the Detroit Lions are preparing to take the field at Wembley Stadium in just a few weeks with the Dallas Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars following match-up in tow.

For most NFL fans, the International Series is overlooked. They see it as just one more away game on the schedule. However, it should be looked at as an opportunity! 

QuintEvents NFL On Location NFL International Series DI4U0456Not only does the NFL International Series offer a chance for fans to see teams playing on equal playing fields since they're both on an unknown field in a foreign climate, but it allows supplies you with a European adventure!

Think about it. How many people have it on their bucket list to attend a game of their favorite team? Every single NFL fan. Further, think about how many people have it on their bucket list to visit Europe - more specifically London, England? A good majority. I'd wager you want to go! 

So why don't you go? The NFL International Series offers a way to check two things off your bucket list in an epic way! 

So what holds you back? Costs? Flights? Planning things abroad? 

Well, luckily, there's solutions to all of those concerns. You can attend the NFL International Series and you will! All you have to do is follow these three easy steps!

1. Plan Your Flight

The first step in planning your trip to London for the NFL International Series is to find a flight to London! London has two major airports you could fly into: Heathrow and Gatwick.

Heathrow is the larger of the two airports and is the busiest airport in Europe by passenger traffic, the third bussiest in the world and handles more international passengers than any other airport in the world. It's about 14 miles from the center of London and it has a direct line to the Tube, or London Underground.

Gatwick is much smaller than Heathrow, but is still the second bussiest airport in the United Kingdom. With that being said, Gatwick offers more points-to-points flights compared to Heathrow, so if you're trying to find a direct flight from your hometown, odds are you'll be flying into Gatwick. It's located about 30 minutes from center city and also has a direct line to the Tube as well.

With online tools such as Flight Finder and KAYAK, it's very easy to find cheap flights on reputable airlines to your destination. And be sure to start a frequent flyer account once you book your trip so you can begin earning rewards on your travel to London!

2. Select Your Game & VIP Access

Once you secure your flight, you need to secure your tickets to the game. Luckily with NFL On Location's Official Ticket Packages to the NFL International Series provided by QuintEvents, this step is easy.

There are four different package levels to select from: 

  1. Diamond Level
  2. Sapphire Level
  3. Deluxe Level
  4. Standard Level

While each package shares the overarching theme of tickets, hospitality and amenities, the hospitality venue and seating location is different for each level. 

QuintEvents NFL On Location NFL International Series DI4U0005For example, Diamond level packages offer Club Level seating near the 50-yard line; the seats are wider and padded in the Club Level, and you'd also have access to Club Wembley and it's amenities. Within the Diamond hospitality area, you'll be invited to enjoy a complimentary, deluxe three-course meal with open beer, wine and soft drink selections for three hours pregame, during halftime and one hour postgame. Additionally, you'll receive an invite to the NFL Friday Night Kickoff Cruise where you can meet NFL players and cheerleaders, and enjoy complimentary food options and open beer, wine and soft drink selections. An official NFL gift bag is also included.

Comparatively, Standard packages offer seating in the upper level sideline and access to the exclusive NFL Pregame Party adjacent to Wembley Stadium three hours pregame. Within this hospitality area, you'd be invited to enjoy a complimentary pregame menu and open beer, wine and soft drink selections. An NFL gift bag is also included.

QuintEvents NFL On Location NFL International Series NFL LONDON 2Sapphire and Deluxe packages fall in the middle of these two regarding their seating level and amenities. 

Regardless of the package you select and the seating location you choose, you'll have an unobsctructed view of the entire game and an unparalleled NFL experience! And with
easy payment terms, you don't even have to pay for your entire package up front; you can space the payments out over a period of time making it easier on your wallet. 

Attending the NFL International Series has never been easier.

3. The Final Details

Once you've booked your flight and have secured your Official Ticket Package to the game, it's time plan the finishing touching to your trip - transportation and accommodations in London.

QuintEvents NFL On Location NFL International Series 220CecilShortsIndy110812Sure, both London airports are located right by the Tube, but you still have to purchase a transportation pass to access the underground. Well, with your NFL On Location
Official Ticket Package, transportation to and from the airport is included in your package! That's right! NFL On Location staff will be there to pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel.

Speaking of, luxurious accommodations in London are also included! Oh yes, say good-bye to planning - it's already done! Then, NFL On Location transportation services will pick you up from your hotel and take you to any official NFL On Location events!

There's no need to rent a car, purchase an Underground Oyster card or book your own hotel accommodations. And if you and your group decide you want to stay longer in London than the four-night stay included in your package, you can opt to add additional days onto your package.

Take Action!

What in the world are you waiting for? The 2014 NFL International Series is only getting closer and it's time for you to take action to get yourself to London! For more information regarding the games on the schedule, package options and pricing, and any other details, call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to an NFL On Location representative or visit QuintEvents website today.

The NFL is heading to London; are you going to join them?


Get Info on the NFL International Series

How Super Bowl XLIX Awakens Your Senses


Our senses are a funny thing - we can attribute memories and feelings directly to smells, tastes or sounds. Think about it. The smell of fresh cut grass on a Saturday morning. The taste of a home baked chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven and then the taste that just melts in your mouth. The sound of glasses clinking together as everyone shouts "cheers!"

It's my guess that as I mention these things, you get nostalgic of things that hit home for you. Our senses are a big part of what create our everyday experiences. They're what turn moments into memories. They're what turn an ordinary action into something sensational.

When it comes to checking a big moment off your bucket list, your senses play a large part in what makes that moment so magical. This is especially true for big-time sporting events such as the Super Bowl! 

Could you imagine what it would be like to attend the Super Bowl without the element of sound? Think about how much not being able to hear the announcer make the calls or the fans around you cheering would take away from the overall experience.

I bet you hadn't thought about how big of a role your senses would play. Well, let's take a look, shall we? Without further ado, take a look at how Super Bowl XLIX can awaken your senses!

Really Experience Super Bowl XLIX

Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch.

Picture this: it's Super Bowl Sunday, you're in Arizona and you're going to the game! You wake up in the morning, throw on your team's jersey and head down to the lobby of your hotel room. NFL On Location staff is in the lobby greeting excited fans and reminding everyone to double-check they have their tickets and that they're not bringing any items not permitted into the stadium.

Once everyone has gathered and is ready to go, you and your fellow fans board the charter busses to be taken over to the stadium! It's time to join the NFL for a tailgate party!

SB XLVIII NFL On Location In Stadium 262Once you arrive at the stadium, you use your VIP Fast Access Pass granting you a quicker, more secure entrance into the stadium, and you make your way to your exclusive hospitality area.

Once you arrive at your hospitality area, your jaw hits the floor! The aroma of complimentary gourmet food options hits you and you see the premium open bar in the center of the room. In the far corner, fans are already beginning to line up excitedly as they're about to meet their favorite NFL players and cheerleaders, and you can hear the DJ calling out to others in the audience to sing and dance along to the music playing.

SB XLVIII NFL On Location In Stadium 044THIS is an NFL party and you get to have access to it for three hours before the game starts!

You and your group make your way around the hospitality area, noshing on the delicious food all around you and getting your fair share of cold brews. You take part in all the interactive elements going on around you and then you meet your favorite NFL players! Those pictures and autographs will be good for bragging rights later!

As hospitality begins to come to a close, you decide to head to one of the many merchandise stores in the stadium to redeem your $50 merchandise coupon. You can't attend the Super Bowl and leave without a momento, right?

As you hear the announcer say the National Anthem is up next, you make your way to your seats at the 50-yard line (seating locations dependent on package selected) and take in the view around you. As you scan every detail taking place on the field, you suddenly realize that yes, this is how the Super Bowl was meant to be experienced.

You spend the game on your feet, cheering your heart out, screaming for both good and bad plays, and participating in friendly smack-talking with the fans around you. The halftime show blows your mind - the volume and performance are incomparable to any other concert you've ever attended. 

Onfieldpostgame153As the clock counts down to the final minutes of the game and your team is about to become the Super Bowl XLIX Champions, you prepare yourself to bask in the celebration that's about to take place all around you. You're even going to be able to take the field yourself (Red Packages only)! 

When it's all said and done and you're back on the NFL On Location charter bus heading back to your hotel, you realize that nothing can ever touch the experience you just had at Super Bowl XLIX. That will be one memory that's with you for a lifetime!

Do You Want THIS Super Bowl XLIX Experience?

Does that sound like Super Bowl experience you've always dreamt of having? Then make your dreams become a reality today with 2015 Super Bowl Official Ticket Packages direct from NFL On Location and provided by QuintEvents! 

Official Packages are the only way to get the true VIP experience in Arizona this Feb.! Call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to an NFL On Location representative or visit QuintEvents website for more information on Super Bowl XLIX Official Ticket Package options.

Awaken your senses at the 2015 Super Bowl!


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See the Final Straight with Official Breeders' Cup Grandstand Tickets


Breeders Cup Experiences Breeders Cup Logo 2014One of the biggest fall meets in horse racing is almost here! In three weeks, the 2014 Breeders' Cup World Championships will be taking over Santa Anita Park with 13 races over two days. Thoroughbreds who have qualified via the Breeders' Cup Challenge series, the Graded Stakes Points system or the Panel of Experts will culminate in California to compete for the title of World Champion and some of the richest purses in horse racing.

In other words, if you haven't already secured your
Official Ticket Package to the 2014 Breeders' Cup, you're going to be missing out Oct. 31-Nov. 1! Luckily, it's not too late yet! You can still get access and plan your trip to Santa Anita, but you have to act fast. 

With Official Breeders' Cup Grandstand Ticket Packages provided through QuintEvents, you can get the coveted views and VIP access you're seeking at "The Richest Two Days in Sports!"

Take a look at the vantage point you could have from the Grandstand and find out what kind of exclusive amenities are included in an Official Ticket Packages.

The View From the Grandstand

The Grandstand at Santa Anita Park offers some of the most coveted views of the track! With Grandstand L-N or O-Q Ticket Packages, you'll be positioned on the third floor mezzanine level, so you'll have an unobstructed view of the starting line, the first turn, the last turn, the final straight, and the finish line. Not to mention, the large video board is located right across from you so even when the horses are on the backstretch, you'll be able to see the coverage.

BC Grandstand

The seats in the Grandstand are stadium-style bucket seats, so they're more comfortable than bleacher-style seats, and the area is open-air and covered. This means you have all the perks of being outside watching the races live, but you'll be offered shade from the California sun (and the surprise west coast rain showers).

Breeders Cup Grandstand L N Ad

Then, located just a short distance from your seat in the Grandstand, you'll find your VIP in-track hospitality venue with all your inclusions!

Official Grandstand Ticket Package Inclusions

Included in your Grandstand package is VIP access to an in-track hospitality venue. Inside, you'll find comfortable seating along with complimentary lunch and snacks, open beer, wine and soft drink selections, and a cash bar for premium beverages.

Hospitality provides you a place to sit down and reconnect with your group while grabbing a bite to eat or a drink to wet your whistle. The venue also offers simulcast TV coverage of the races so while you're inside, you won't miss a minute of the action on the track.

Breeders Cup Experiences Santa Anita Grandstand O Q QuintEvents 1Alternatively, the food court at Santa Anita typically does not have many places to sit due to the crowds and you'll find long lines waiting to purchase concessions. Hospitality access eliminates those hassles; it gives your wallet a break at the track and allows you to relax away from the crowded stands. And trust us, when you're at the track for two full days of racing, it's nice to have an oasis!

Within your Grandstand Official Ticket Package, you'll also receive a VIP Fast Access Pass allowing you a quicker, more secure entrance to the track, one parking pass per every four guests, and an Official Breeders' Cup Gift Bag brimming with official products and merchandise. 

You can also opt to include luxurious hotel accommodations in the Los Angeles area and transportation to and from the track each day in your package. This erases the need for you to do extra planning for your trip and helps you avoid sky-rocketed hotel prices now that the event is only a few weeks away.

Book Your 2014 Breeders' Cup Grandstand Ticket Package!

It's time to make your move! The 2014 Breeders' Cup World Championships are racing into California and if you don't take action to get your Official Grandstand Ticket Package soon you'll be left behind!

To check the Breeders' Cup off your bucket list this year, call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a Breeders' Cup representative or visit QuintEvents website today. It's time to pack your bags for Santa Anita!



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The Beginner's Guide to 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend


It is that time of year. The NBA kicks off its 2014-2015 season on Tuesday October 28th. This means that in only a few short months the NBA will showcase their very best in the 64th Annual NBA All-Star game. The all-stars from the East and West conference teams will face off on Valentine’s Day weekend in New York City!

Between the venues, the contests, the fans, and the game that showcases the league's best talent, there is a lot to take in. Follow our simple beginner’s guide to make sure that you get the most out of your once in a lifetime experience!

The Location

Known for being the mecca of basketball, New York City will host this year’s game for the fifth time in sixty four years. 

“Basketball may have been invented in Springfield, Mass., but its hearts and soul are in New York City through and through.”
-Brooklyn Nets owner Bruce Ratner 

The event will be split between midtown Manhattan and Brooklynn. Its logo is inspired by the New York City transit.


The Venues

Madison Square

The game will be held at the legendary Madison Square Garden. A beloved hub of history in the heart of New York, the Garden is a must-see when venturing to the Big Apple. The arena features a unique convex ceiling and is known for its Chaser Bridges that hang from the ceiling, providing fans with game views unlike any other.

The Barclay Center

The Saturday festivities will be held at the Barclay Center. Despite being built in 2012, the contractors remained true to the Brooklynn neighborhood, creating the center with a rusted outside to match the historic feel of the city. Located a mile from the Brooklyn Bridge, Barclay is right in the midst of the borough of basketball.

The Party

describe the imageThe NBA all-star game is so much more than a game. It is a celebration of one of America’s favorite sports with America’s favorite players. Historically, the game hosts multiple musical acts between the player introductions and renowned half-time shows. The game brings in celebrities and NBA legends, making it the perfect excuse for a party. Get your cameras ready and prepare yourself for a weekend you will not forget! 


“…. In terms of a big-time party weekend, the All-Star [game] blows it away.”
-Mavs owner Mark Cuban

The Contests

describe the imageEvery year the NBA puts on a series of contests the Saturday before the big game for the players and legends in attendance to participate in. There are four contests to make note of while attending the game. Here is a little breakdown of each:

1) Shootings Stars

One of the more unique concepts included in the all star weekend is the shooting star competition. It involves an NBA player picking a WNBA and former NBA player of his choice to compete in a time-based relay. For the last two years, the Heat’s Chris Bosh, accompanied by Chicago Sky’s Swin Cash and former Hawk’s hall of famer, Dominque Wilkins have been the champions.

2) Taco Bell Skills Challenge 

Duos from the respective conferences compete against one another in a relay, involving various dribbling obstacles, throwing a ball into a net that does not touch the ground, and a jump shot. The best duos from each conference face one another, and the team with the fastest time wins.

3) Foot Locker Three-point Shootout

Similar to the classic kids’ game around the world, the shootout consists of players attempting to make as many 3 pointers as possible in a time frame. The game can bring out the best (and worst) qualities in players from year to year. 

4) Sprite Slam Dunk Contest

The Dunk contest is the Saturday night all star weekend finale. Arguably the fan favorite of the competitions, the slam dunk contest. Players tend to get creative with this contest, making it the perfect opportunity to show off their ability and personality.

There’s no question that NYC provides an endless list of sights to see, food to eat, and people to watch. Madison Square Garden sits smack down in the middle of the NYC bustle, in close distance from the Bryant Park, Broadway and the Empire State Building, to name just a few. The Barclays Center is right down the road from beautiful Prospect Park, home of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and surrounded by museums and historical markers. 

Some Additional Tips

Take public transportation.

Trying to drive through NYC, especially when traveling back and forth between Manhattan and Brooklynn, can be incredibly stressful. Parking tickets can cost up to $50, as well. You have been warned.

Explore the different NYC communities. 

As with everything, NYC plans to do the NBA all-star game big. The NBA is partnering with all five borroughs of the city to host "community, grassroot" events throughout the weekend. 

Take advantage of being in the city of no sleep on Valentine’s Day.

There is nothing quite like a holiday in New York City. Enjoy the ultimate Valentine's Day weekend with your special someone, enjoying NYC's plethora of restaurants, chocolate shops and parks. You can ensure you have a romantic weekend along with getting to watch the big game. Before or after the game, head just a half mile to Bryant Park’s free skating rink that stays open late in the winter or catch a Broadway show the Friday before the festivities begin.

Get Access to the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend!

Haven't bought your tickets to watch the league's larger than life players compete in the city that is larger than life? Now is the time! Customize your ideal NBA All-Star Game weekend trip to New York City and have the experience of a lifetime!


 Start planning your ultimate NBA All-Star experience today!
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